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From "Fredrik Bengtsson" <fredrik.bengts...@lemontree.se>
Subject RE: Change bars
Date Mon, 04 Oct 2010 07:55:09 GMT
Terribly sorry for the accidental Ctrl+Enter there. Continuing:


Has anybody made some partially functioning patch set or similar? We have absolutely no need
for styling or multiple bars; all we need is to have a simple black line whenever the revisionflag
attribute is present on any docbook element spanning that vertical segment - no matter what
its value or whether they are overlapping. We can even guarantee that there are no overlaps.


Under these simpler circumstances, do we have a future with FOP if the solution has to be
ready fairly shortly, or will we have to switch to another processor?





From: Fredrik Bengtsson 
Sent: den 4 oktober 2010 09:49
To: 'fop-users@xmlgraphics.apache.org'
Subject: Change bars




We are attempting to produce legal documents using FOP 1.0 for a customer. These documents,
at least those that are modifications of existing regulations, make extensive use of change
bars. See the attached image.


I gather that there is no official support for rendering of change bars in FOP, even though
there exists XSLT for producing the proper FO. What is the current state of the art here?
Are there any suggestions for workarounds, or have 

Fredrik Bengtsson
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