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From Bogusław Fries <bfr...@dpd.com.pl>
Subject Postscript - Helvetica
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2010 11:02:04 GMT


I have the following problem. 


In the xml file I have ( polish characters )




        <date>06-08-2009 10:22:01</date>

        <courierName>ąćęłńóśżź ĄĆĘŁŃÓŚŻŹ  </courierName>







In xsl transformate I use font-family="Helvetica"


My fop configuration:


        <renderer mime="application/postscript">






I am using fop version 1.0


I did the fop transformation into  POSTSCRIPT format.  Instead of ąćęłńóśżź ĄĆĘŁŃÓŚŻŹ
  I got #####ó### #####Ó### unfortunately.


So, I tried to solve this making some changes in the source code. 


I made in src/codegen/fonts some changes and now is everything fine.


Here is my CEEncoding ( from the  postscript output )


/CEEncoding [

/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef

/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef

/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef

/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef

/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef

/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef

/.notdef /.notdef /space /exclam /quotedbl

/numbersign /dollar /percent /ampersand /quoteright

/parenleft /parenright /asterisk /plus /comma

/minus /period /slash /zero /one

/two /three /four /five /six

/seven /eight /nine /colon /semicolon

/less /equal /greater /question /at

/A /B /C /D /E

/F /G /H /I /J

/K /L /M /N /O

/P /Q /R /S /T

/U /V /W /X /Y

/Z /bracketleft /backslash /bracketright /asciicircum

/underscore /quoteleft /a /b /c

/d /e /f /g /h

/i /j /k /l /m

/n /o /p /q /r

/s /t /u /v /w

/x /y /z /braceleft /bar

/braceright /tilde /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef

/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef

/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef

/Sacute /.notdef /.notdef /Zacute /.notdef

/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef

/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef

/.notdef /sacute /.notdef /.notdef /zacute

/space /.notdef /breve /Lslash /currency

/Aogonek /.notdef /dieresis /.notdef /Scaron

/Scedilla /Tcaron /Zacute /hyphen /Zcaron

/Zdotaccent /degree /aogonek /ogonek /lslash

/acute /lcaron /.notdef /caron /cedilla

/aogonek /scedilla /tcaron /zacute /hungarumlaut

/zcaron /zdotaccent /Racute /Aacute /Acircumflex

/Abreve /Adieresis /Lacute /Cacute /Ccedilla

/Ccaron /Eacute /Eogonek /Edieresis /Ecaron

/Iacute /Icircumflex /Dcaron /Eth /Nacute

/Ncaron /Oacute /Ocircumflex /Ohungarumlaut /Odieresis

/multiply /Rcaron /Uring /Uacute /Uhungarumlaut

/Udieresis /Yacute /Tcedilla /germandbls /racute

/aacute /acircumflex /abreve /adieresis /lacute

/cacute /ccedilla /ccaron /eacute /eogonek

/edieresis /ecaron /iacute /icircumflex /dcaron

/eth /nacute /ncaron /oacute /ocircumflex

/ohungarumlaut /odieresis /divide /rcaron /uring

/uacute /uhungarumlaut /udieresis /yacute /tcedilla


] def



After compilation and use the compiled version I got proper output : ąćęłńóśżź ĄĆĘŁŃÓŚŻŹ


Of course I cannot use such a fop version in the producton environment.  So, my question is:
how to configure the fop to obtain proper encoding?




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