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From Rob Sargent <rsarg...@xmission.com>
Subject Re: fop not handling svn rotated text on linux
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2011 16:20:59 GMT
I need to get this reply off, but I also need to double check my setup
as I'm switching back and forth from 0.95 to 1.0 on this and the odds
that I've confused things are approaching 1 :(

I'm coming to the conclusion that to guarantee all platforms use the
same font I must include it in the distribution of the client.  As I've
said, we're already including non-standard fonts (e.g. Optima), but my
naive assumption that, since it's part and parcel of PDF, simply naming
Helvetica was enough is clearly wrong. Now can I just use the truetype
arial which _is_ on my box (but does not rectify the current situation)
and would presumably be what the pc users are getting. Or am I better
off getting a commercial truetype Helvetica?

On 06/30/2011 05:16 PM, Andreas L. Delmelle wrote:
> On 01 Jul 2011, at 00:25, Rob Sargent wrote:
>> Even with auto-detect on?
> In that case, the answer to my question would be: "Yes, FOP is configured to look elsewhere."
> Still, it just occurred to me that the font definition you added, would only influence
the specifications of "font" and "font-family" in the FO, or "Helvetica" specs passed by Batik
to FOP. The latter is precisely what does *not* happen, and causes the issue. Batik asks Java
for "Helvetica" but gets something different. This font, however, is apparently not known
to FOP. At least, not by that name...
> So, first thing to do, is to find out exactly which font Java AWT *does* give to Batik
for "Helvetica". Then we have to find out why FOP doesn't recognize it.
> Concerning the observation that it renders correctly if you use a 'wrong' font-family
specification: that might be a worthwhile option to explore. Which exact font does Batik revert
to in that case...?
> BTW: What exactly does that stack trace point to that you mentioned?
> Regards
> Andreas
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