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From "Andreas L. Delmelle" <andreas.delme...@telenet.be>
Subject Re: Mysterious left truncation of table in region-before: version 1.0 only
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2011 18:18:57 GMT

On 14 Jul 2011, at 05:58, Rob Sargent wrote:

Hi Rob

> Is this by any chance a know bug in version 1.0?

Searching for open issues in Bugzilla that contain both "table" and "region-before" yielded
no results.
So, I would assume that, if it is a bug, it is not a known one (or already fixed in trunk
--didn't search the closed bugs).

At any rate, sorry to keep repeating this, but... it is difficult --not to say: virtually
impossible- to say more without the actual FO file. Preferably, if not too time-consuming,
trimmed down to the smallest FO that shows the issue. 
Is it possible to post something like that here? If you can't because it contains confidential
info, you can send it to me off-list if that works for you.

> I place a single row table, single cell table in the region before.  In
> version 0.95 the table, which has background set to "silver" renders
> perfectly, spanning the entire region-before.  Using versions 1.0, the
> left ~0.83 inches of the table are obliterated.  The text is centered
> properly as if the cell spanned the region width.

.83in is almost 60pt, 'roughly' .83in could be exactly that. Perhaps this gives a clue? 
Is there some margin/indent specified as 60pt? If you specify a border on the table, does
that disappear on the left as well?

> I've tried placing the entire table in a block-container to no avail.
> Weirder still is that only in one flow, (the second of two) does the
> truncation appear.  Both flows use the same template to define the table.
> The two fo files are identical (according to emacs's ediff).  Is that
> believable?

While that seems strange, I would not rule it out without having taken a closer look.



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