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From Fernando Israel <fernando.isr...@kognoz.com>
Subject Configure fonts for FOP
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2011 22:29:10 GMT
Hi All,

I know this is a recurring issue but going through the documentation and
forum listings I am still no clear but I hope I know what to ask.

The application in question is a central server where PDFs are produced
using FOP (version 1,0) within Java code, and web clients connecting to the
central server to request the PDF creation. The client's UI allow users to
select the fonts to use so I need to make available only the fonts that the
server -i.e. the FOP part, can see.

Going through the documentation I see one can create the font metric files
with FOP utilities and tell FOP (in the configuration file) to use a
particular set of fonts. This is something I've never done of course but I
have also seen something that looks much simpler and would do the job for my
needs. This is to package all the necessary fonts in a jar file and make
this jar available within the classpath.

The questions I have (and pardon my ignorance but fonts is not my subject)
1. What type of font files do I have to package ? TTF, TTC .. ?.
2. Once I create the jar file if I put it in the same directory as fop.jar I
guess FOP will find it, right ?.
3. If I go this route, do I have to tell FOP anything else (for instance in
the configuration file) ?
4. Does FOP always looks first in the classpath for fonts ?

Thank you very much in advance.


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