Hi Mehdi,

I have followed your instructions and it works like a charm. Thank you !

I have taken the <auto-detect> out of the configuration and it picks the fonts from the directory specified so I guess it is doing what I expect which is only to include the fonts in the configured directory.

Regarding the embedding of the fonts with the PDF, I've checked and the fonts are there with the target. Since I haven't told FOP anything about embedding the fonts, all it has is a directory with TTF files, I assume that the default behaviour is to embbed the fonts - it has the TTF files so it can do that I believe. Can you confirm this is the case ?.

Thank you very much for your help !!!


On Fri, Jul 29, 2011 at 7:59 AM, mehdi houshmand <med1985@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Fernando,

If you open the example in conf/fop.xconf, you'll see an example has
been created (but commented out) for Arial. That is where you need to
declare the font.

I personally don't use the <auto-detect> feature, so I won't be able
to help you there. But I'd suggest that you create a definition in the
config file for each font individually, like the example for arial,
the "embed-url" property let's FOP know the URL of the font file. That
way if a specific font doesn't work, you can easily analyse why.

As for taking TTF files from a Windows box to a Linux box, that should
work fine. I don't know if that's breaking any licensing issues or the
legality, but TTFs are platform independent. You may however have
issues if there are any spaces in the directory or file names.

Hope that helps


On 28 July 2011 12:40, Fernando Israel <fernando.israel@kognoz.com> wrote:
> Hi Mehdi,
> Thank you very much for your response. It is helping me a lot.
> I've seen the document on fonts you suggest but your input helps me to
> interpret it better.
> So what you suggest is that I just stick all the necessary font files TTF or
> TTC in a directory and direct FOP to use these fonts via the configuration
> file using the <directory> element to specify that directory. Good !.
> Since I am only using the PDF renderer I will have an entry in the config
> file for it only. I will stick there the <directory> element with the name
> of the directory where I put all the necessary fonts.
> 1. What should I do with the <auto-detect> element ?. I would like to force
> FOP to use only the fonts in the specified directory so shall I remove the
> <auto-detect> ?
> 2. Using this approach will the fonts be embbeded automatically in the
> target (a PDF) ?
> 3. For testing purposes, can I take the TTF files from a Windows OS and
> stick them on directory on a Linux box where the server (with FOP) runs ?.
> Will that work ?.
> Thanks again for your help !
> Regards,
> Fernando
> On Thu, Jul 28, 2011 at 3:45 AM, mehdi houshmand <med1985@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Fernando,
>> I'll address each question individually:
>> On 27 July 2011 23:29, Fernando Israel <fernando.israel@kognoz.com> wrote:
>> > Hi All,
>> >
>> > I know this is a recurring issue but going through the documentation and
>> > forum listings I am still no clear but I hope I know what to ask.
>> </snip>
>> > The questions I have (and pardon my ignorance but fonts is not my
>> > subject)
>> > are:
>> > 1. What type of font files do I have to package ? TTF, TTC .. ?.
>> If you're producing PDF you can use either TTF or TTC.
>> > 2. Once I create the jar file if I put it in the same directory as
>> > fop.jar I
>> > guess FOP will find it, right ?.
>> http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/1.0/fonts.html should help you
>> configure the fonts appropriately. The font metrics files are
>> deprecated, so no need for that, but you will have to configure the
>> fop.xconf to let FOP know the directory of the font file.
>> > 3. If I go this route, do I have to tell FOP anything else (for instance
>> > in
>> > the configuration file) ?
>> See the link above.
>> > 4. Does FOP always looks first in the classpath for fonts ?
>> No, if FOP isn't explicitly given the font configuration, it looks in
>> the System fonts, which are, as the name suggests, OS dependent. I
>> don't think putting the font in the classpath makes the slightest bit
>> of difference, FOP still won't have a font-name and so no way to link
>> the font to a font-family in the FO.
>> Hope that helps, there is also an example config file in <fop
>> directory>/conf/fop.xconf, which should help you get started
>> Mehdi
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