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From Mike Chambers <m...@watchfront.co.uk>
Subject Re: Problem with fo:external-graphic element in processing output from either Saxon or Xalan
Date Fri, 07 Oct 2011 09:05:44 GMT
Hi Mehdi,

Ah OK thanks that makes sense, and now I understand the spec. that little bit
better :) It would seem then that the block vs. inline concept is similar to
that in HTML/CSS, but that in HTML you don't /have/ to explicitly wrap inline
content with e.g. a block-level DIV, as you get something along the lines of an
'anonymous block box' (I think that is the terminology, and is what happens AIUI
if you have e.g. <body>Hello world</body>, with no <p /> wrapping the text.).

I manually added the wrapper <fo:block> object to the XSL-FO generated by Saxon
and FOP processed it OK.

OOI is it normal for an XSLT processor to output an XSL-FO (or indeed any other
format) document that is a single (very long) line? It makes it harder to
examine and then edit the structure of the document in a standard text editor.
I'm puzzled as to why the processor output couldn't be multiline with suitable
indentation. I know these are essentially machine processed files, but AIUI one
of the points of XML is that a human can read it if they really want to.

So now to find out why /both/ Saxon and Xalan generated XSL-FO output that
omitted the same necessary wrapper object.
Maybe because they were both using the same DocBook XSLT stylesheet(s) ?
Would it be the case that the DocBook XSL stylesheet for generating FO output
controls things such as when/where to put an <fo:block>? My logic & limited
understanding of XSLT suggests it would, and thus maybe there is a bug in the
XSLT stylesheet I have obtained via a Ubuntu repository package.

Many Thanks,

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