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From Samuel Penn <...@glendale.org.uk>
Subject More on external graphics
Date Wed, 14 Dec 2011 18:52:16 GMT

A while back, I posted about a problem I had with the positioning of
graphics within a document. I didn't get any solutions, and now I've
had some time to look at this again.

To recap: What I'm seeing is that on the second and subsequent pages
of a document, images placed using <fo:external-graphic/> appear above
the place they should, on top of the text preceeding the correct place
in the flow. Attached is a PDF demonstrating this effect.

I've cut the .fo file down as much as I can to demonstrate the effect
(the original document has alternating left/right headings and has a
two-column layout). I can also fix the problem by removing the
alternating pages - there's a commented out <fo:simple-master-page/>
in the file which if used displays the images correctly. Unfortunately,
I need alternating pages so this isn't a real option for me.

I've attached the .fo and a test image which demonstrates the problem.

I'm using fop-1.0.0 (on Ubuntu), though discovered the problem on 0.95.
The strange thing is, I'm sure I didn't have the problem on a previous
installation of 0.95 (though it's possible I didn't notice).

If anyone has any ideas on what the problem is, and how to solve it,
then I'd be very grateful.

Be seeing you,        Games: http://www.glendale.org.uk/
Sam.                  Posts: http://www.google.com/profiles/samuel.penn

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