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From Samuel Penn <...@glendale.org.uk>
Subject Re: More on external graphics
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2011 10:53:48 GMT
On Friday 16 December 2011 10:17:32 Pascal Sancho wrote:
> Hi Samuel,
> I don't understand what you mean by "if I take 1mm off the left margin
> on right hand pages..."
> Can you provide a short snippet to illustrate, please?

Take the following definitions for left and right pages (these can be
plugged into the test.fo that Luis posted):

    <fo:simple-page-master master-name="leftPage" page-height="297mm" page-
width="210mm" margin-top="15mm" margin-bottom="15mm" margin-left="15mm" 
        <fo:region-body margin-left="20mm" margin-right="21mm"/>
        <fo:region-before extent="15mm" region-name="region-before-left"/>
        <fo:region-after extent="10mm" region-name="region-after-left"/>
        <fo:region-start extent="20mm"/>
        <fo:region-end extent="10mm"/>

    <fo:simple-page-master master-name="rightPage" page-height="297mm" page-
width="210mm" margin-top="15mm" margin-bottom="15mm" margin-left="30mm" 
        <fo:region-body margin-left="21mm" margin-right="20mm"/>
        <fo:region-before extent="16mm" region-name="region-before-right"/>
        <fo:region-after extent="10mm" region-name="region-after-right"/>
        <fo:region-start extent="20mm"/>
        <fo:region-end extent="10mm"/>

Both are balanced, in that the margin-right/margin-left for both
the simple-page-master and region-body mirror each other for the
left and right pages. In this case, images are placed correctly.

Concentrating on the following lines:

left:  <fo:region-body margin-left="20mm" margin-right="21mm"/>
right: <fo:region-body margin-left="21mm" margin-right="20mm"/>

If I change the margin-right for the left page to be 22mm, then the
images are incorrectly placed on 2nd and subsequent pages (the problem
that I was seeing).

If I also update the margin-left for the right page to be 22mm
however, then images are correctly placed again.

There seems to be a similar constraint for the simple-page-master
margins, in that left page needs to mirror right page. Changing
the margins on one page (but not the other) breaks the images again.

Am I making sense?

Be seeing you,        Games: http://www.glendale.org.uk/
Sam.                  Posts: http://www.google.com/profiles/samuel.penn

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