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From "Theresa Jayne Forster" <ther...@inbrand.co.uk>
Subject How to do what i am trying to do?
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2012 12:28:58 GMT
In the past with the modified 0.23 I had a template using z-index  and it


But now I have upgraded to 1.0 its not working. (the compliance page says


So how can you specify the order of sections overlapping/overlaying rather
than pushing each other out of the way.


I have 

region-before (the header)

region-after (the footer) 

region-start (the graphics) 

region end (the faded background)

region-body (the text)


before we had the start and end in the body area not touching the header or
footer but the end behind the start and the body over them all

so the Z-index is as follows

body = 1

start = 2

end = 3


so how can I do this?



Kindest regards


Theresa Forster

Senior Software Developer


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