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From Chris Bowditch <bowditch_ch...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: POstScrit Fonts
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2012 11:54:25 GMT
On 19/01/2012 02:39, Craig Ringer wrote:

Hi Craig,
> On 19/01/12 01:10, Chris Bowditch wrote:
>> On 18/01/2012 13:13, Robert Eberhardt wrote:
>>> Hello Craig,
>> Hi Robert,
>>> as far as i know a pfb, a afm and a pfm file is needed. At least
>>> under fop 0.95. Did this change under fop 1.0.
>> FOP v1.0 does not introduce support for OTF CFF glyphs. This is a
>> feature we would like too! You mwill need to work around the
>> limitation using an approach like Craig suggested.
> Unfortunately, as far as I can tell fop can also only handle simple
> 1-byte encoding fonts for PostScript output. You might be OK with this,
> but if you need broad charset support like me you'll be stuffed.

That's true of FOP trunk, but we have developed advanced font support 
for Postscript in a branch named TTFinPostscript, which we've 
successfully used to generate Chinese and Thai output. If you checkout 
and compile the branch you can use the feature too. Although I believe 
there are a few bugs which are fixed by a (as yet unapplied) patch in 
Bugzilla. So if you run into a bug using the branch you will need to 
apply the patch.

> I currently get to pick between:
> - Abbreviated fonts without half the symbols I need that *do* work with
> PostScript output; or
> - Fonts that don't work with PostScript output but do contain all the
> symbols I need
> I'd love to use direct PDF instead of PostScript output, but I'm being
> bitten by the inability to de-duplicate embedded subsets when PDFs are
> inserted using fop-pdf-image. Distiller can de-duplicate subsets when
> converting PostScript to PDF, so using fop's PostScript output lets me
> work around that fop-pdf-image limitation. Or at least it would, if only
> I could use the fonts I need with PS output...
> I'm working on implementing font subset merging in fop-pdf-image, or at
> least font re-embedding, but it's quite complicated to do and will take
> time, esp as I have to get this project out the door and working ASAP so
> I can't put too much time into that right now. I seem to be hitting
> another limitation whenever I find a workaround for one, though.

We've discussed this before. Mehdi sent Jeremias a patch offlist to 
partially resolve this, but its only for fonts within the same input 
PDF. If you have lots of smaller PDFs then the fonts won't be 
de-duplicated. If you do get round to developing a more advanced 
de-duplication then we'd love to see a patch :-) If you need Mehdi's 
patch then feel free to yell and I'm sure Mehdi will happily post it here.

> This one seems insoluible: If fop can't use 2-byte encoded fonts in PS
> output, and can't dedupe subset fonts in PDF output, I'm stuck.



> --
> Craig Ringer

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