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From Chris Bowditch <bowditch_ch...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: POstScrit Fonts
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2012 08:51:52 GMT
On 20/01/2012 01:59, Craig Ringer wrote:

Hi Craig,

> On 19/01/12 19:54, Chris Bowditch wrote:
>> That's true of FOP trunk, but we have developed advanced font support
>> for Postscript in a branch named TTFinPostscript, which we've
>> successfully used to generate Chinese and Thai output. If you checkout
>> and compile the branch you can use the feature too. Although I believe
>> there are a few bugs which are fixed by a (as yet unapplied) patch in
>> Bugzilla. So if you run into a bug using the branch you will need to
>> apply the patch.
> Ooh, that's promising. I'll check it out.
> (On a side note, I wonder if fop'll move to git at any point?
> Bugzilla-patch ->  svn branch isn't the most fun workflow for
> non-committer contributors).
I know there's a lot of folks in favour of GIT. There's been a lot of 
discussion on infra@ about moving Apache projects to GIT. Personally I 
don't understand why GIT helps with applying patches. It's easy to 
switch your SVN sandbox to the branch or create a new checkout from the 
branch. Applying the patch is just a question of right clicking on the 
patch file and choosing "Apply Patch" then running through the file list 
and clicking save if there are no conflicts. There shouldn't be any 
conflicts, Mehdi prepared the patch against the TTFinPS branch.

To me GIT seems overly complicated for the day to day tasks of 
developing against a handful of branches.



>>> I'm working on implementing font subset merging in fop-pdf-image, or at
>>> least font re-embedding, but it's quite complicated to do and will take
>>> time, esp as I have to get this project out the door and working ASAP so
>>> I can't put too much time into that right now. I seem to be hitting
>>> another limitation whenever I find a workaround for one, though.
>> We've discussed this before. Mehdi sent Jeremias a patch offlist to
>> partially resolve this, but its only for fonts within the same input
>> PDF. If you have lots of smaller PDFs then the fonts won't be
>> de-duplicated. If you do get round to developing a more advanced
>> de-duplication then we'd love to see a patch :-) If you need Mehdi's
>> patch then feel free to yell and I'm sure Mehdi will happily post it
>> here.
> I'd love a copy, yeah. I'm not sure how much it'll help, as font merging
> across PDFs requires more information to be shared between image plugin
> invocations than is currently possible and requires image plugins to be
> notified just before the trailer and resource dict are written out, too.
> The biggest problem will be the logic of actually merging subsets,
> though. I'm finding it astonishingly hard to find good information on
> how fonts are actually subset for PDF - the PDF ref doesn't say much at
> all about how the actual embedded font file is altered for subsetting.
> --
> Craig Ringer
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