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From Steve Ebersole <st...@hibernate.org>
Subject Event "feedback" logging
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2012 15:03:58 GMT
I develop a library (jDocBook) that does DocBook related tasks as part 
of Maven or Gradle builds.  Initially, the output from FOP was so 
verbose that I ended up redirecting all console output to a file for a 
variety of reasons.

On recently upgrading to 1.0 I noticed that some logging was again 
appearing in the build console.  Which led me to discover the addition 
of feedback events in 1.0 and that these were (at least some of) the 
messages showing up in the console.  So I whipped up a custom 
org.apache.fop.events.EventListener based on the well detailed 
http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/1.0/events.html page and some of the 
messages were again gone from the console and showing up in the 
redirection file again.  Yaay!

But others are still showing up in the console.  I'd like to know how to 
get these messages to show up only in the redirection file.  The 
messages still showing up in the console were:
1) Defined font directory [...] is not exist or is not a directory
2) Couldn't find hyphenation pattern en
3) span="inherit" on fo:block, but no explicit value found on the parent FO.



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