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From Craig Ringer <ring...@ringerc.id.au>
Subject Inserting holes on nominated pages? Or: Non-square masters (pages with cut-out corners)?
Date Wed, 29 Feb 2012 04:23:08 GMT

I have a document that flows across multiple pages, each of which
contains seven columns. The columns contain tables whose cells are
keep-together blocks of data. The exact page on which any given cell
falls isn't known until the typeset completes.

I need to reserve blocks of space on the pages where the user tells my
app to. For example, I might need to reserve a hole on page 3 that is
three columns wide and a 1/2 page high with a top-left origin. The user
generally determines where they want these holes using processes outside
the knowledge of the application, and the location requirements of these
holes can change between runs.

I'm really struggling to figure out how to reserve these holes. They're
defined in terms of a page number, origin, and (x,y) dimension, not
relative to the flowed content, so I can't just insert a spacer in the
flowed content. Fop doesn't support floats, so I can't use floats to do
the job even if I could figure out exactly how to do so. The holes are
rectangular, but effectively create non-rectangular page flows, meaning
I can't just dynamically generate a page master series with different
dimensions for each page depending on hole position requirements.


What I want is basically non-rectangular page masters like these:

-----       ---------      -----    ----------
|   |       |       |   ---|   |    |        |
|   ----|   |       |   |      |    |  |--|  |
|       |   ----|   |   |      |    |  |--|  |
|       |       |   |   |      |    |        |
|-------|       |---|   |------|    |--------|

where each page in a fo:page-sequence-master may be a different shape.
It's ... frustrating.

Craig Ringer

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