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From Alexios Giotis <alex.gio...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Different Page Layout every xx document sheet
Date Sun, 26 Feb 2012 12:06:43 GMT
The number of "groups of seven" is not known in advance, it depends on the input data but the
total number of pages will be less than 100. The use case is like this:

We are printing statements (transactional data) and each statement has a different number
of pages depending on the customer. Each statement is enveloped and dispatched. The printing
house has only one type of enveloping machine that can fit at most 6 sheets into an envelope.
When a document is larger than 6 sheets, it is splited into envelopes and all of them are
send to the same address. Each envelope has a 'window' in a predefined area where the address
is printed. Therefore, on every 7th sheet we should print on an absolutely positioned area,
the recipient address. Other than this, the flow of the content will continue from page to

Any XSL:FO suggestion, even if not elegant or not fully resolving this, is welcomed !

Alex Giotis

On Feb 26, 2012, at 5:43 AM, Rob Sargent wrote:

> Re-reading (and quite likely stilll not fully inderstanding) the repeatable-page-master
reference et al, I'm inclined to agree with Luis.  If you know how many "groups of seven"
you will be making, I can give you a suggestion from something that is working for me.  It
amounts to making as many page references as needed.  Not elegant, but for me it was critical.
> On 02/24/2012 04:22 PM, Luis Bernardo wrote:
>> I am afraid that this layout is not possible with the current FOP but I think it
should be possible with a fully compliant implementation of FO, at least the way I understand
it. In any case, I would like to be proven wrong...
>> The issue is with the first page of every 7th sheet. Maybe it would help if you explain
how you intend to flow the content from page to page. When you are on page 12th and want to
move to page 13th do you let the content flow or do you insert a break?
>> If you insert a break when you get to the first page of every 7th sheet then it may
be possible. Because then it is like a book where you want each chapter to start on a odd
page and you can use the blank-or-not-blank trait to achieve that. However that assumes you
only insert breaks at the end of chapters, which in your case would be the end of every 6th
sheet. If you want to insert a break at the end of every page then it will not work.
>> On 2/23/12 4:22 PM, Rob Sargent wrote:
>>> OK, then I believe you can define each needed simple-page-master: first, second-sixth,
seventh and make a page-sequence-master with a repeatable-page-master-alternative with a reference
to each of the seven pages in the sequence. Not sure if the 2-6 can be in a conditional-page-master-reference
or not.
>>> On 02/23/2012 02:33 AM, Maria Manta wrote:
>>>> Hello and thank you for your quick answer!
>>>> Concerning your question:
>>>> Will you be addressing the static regions of the "seventh pages" differently
from one another.  In other words does e.g. region-before or page 13 get the same content
as region-before on page 25?
>>>> The answer is no, I will not be addressing them differently. 
>>>> The regions-before will be the same for pages 13,25th etc.   
>>>> Cheers.
>>>> Maria 

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