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From Jean-Philippe Courson <jean-philippe.cour...@cognitran.com>
Subject Chinese PDFs and non embedded fonts
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2012 11:55:59 GMT

I am trying to produce chinese PDFs not embedding fonts. I am using the SimSun font. 

When embedding the font, everything is fine. However, when trying to reference the font, FOP
produced an invalid PDF, despite the Simsun font being installed on the machines were the
PDF is produced and opened.

I tried both auto-configuring the fonts and the old style, metric based manual font configuration:

1) Auto-configured fonts:

     <match font-family=".*"/>
   <renderer mime="application/pdf">

The produced PDF shows # characters for every chinese symbol. 

2) Manually configured fonts:
   <renderer mime="application/pdf">
       <font metrics-url="file:///Users/jumal/Downloads/fop-1.0/SimSun.xml" kerning="yes">
         <font-triplet name="SimSun" style="normal" weight="normal"/>
         <font-triplet name="SimSun" style="normal" weight="bold"/>
         <font-triplet name="SimSun" style="italic" weight="normal"/>
         <font-triplet name="SimSun" style="italic" weight="bold"/>

    a) Metric file generated with the default options: 
         java -cp ... org.apache.fop.fonts.apps.TTFReader SimSun.ttf SimSun.xml

         The produced PDF can not be opened by Acrobat Reader which gives the following error
message: "Cannot find or create the font 'SimSun'. Some characters may not display or print

    b) Metric file generated with the -enc ansi options: 
         java -cp ... org.apache.fop.fonts.apps.TTFReader -enc ansi SimSun.ttf SimSun.xml

         The produced PDF shows # characters for every chinese symbol. 
Having a look at http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/trunk/fonts.html#truetype-metrics, and
in particular:

TTFReader [options]:
	• -enc ansi Creates a WinAnsi-encoded font metrics file. Without this option, a CID-keyed
font metrics file is created. The table below summarises the differences between these two
encoding options as currently used within FOP. Please note that this information only applies
to TrueType fonts and TrueType collections:
Issue                                   WinAnsi	                                         
Usable Character Set      Limited to WinAnsi character set, which is roughly equivalent to
iso-8889-1.	Limited only by the characters in the font itself.
Embedding the Font        Optional.                                                      
                                                                    Mandatory. Not embedding
the font produces invalid PDF documents.

it looks like you need to use the -enc ansi to be able to reference a font. Does this mean
that have to use WinAnsi (windows-1252) encoding for the input XML files? 

If it is the case, that would mean to produce for example chinese PDFs, you would have to
embed the font, as windows-1252 cannot be used to encode chinese symbols.

Am I missing something or the only way to produce chinese PDF is to embed the font with the
font licensing costs it implies?


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