Stop me if you've heard this one before:  I'm an idiot. 

You know how it goes.  Add a log message; fix the code.  Well of course one more recompile of everything and a restart of IDE et viola it all works as expected.

My apologies to all,


Still looking forward to an API the doesn't use String for UR[IL] but what we have does work.

On 04/18/2012 09:54 AM, mehdi houshmand wrote:
Oh no, I wasn't suggesting you change to the FontManager.setFontBaseURL(), I was just noting that the method is overridden. Could you provide a full stack trace, it might be interesting to note where that exception is coming from?

Also, just to expedite the process, try the same thing with trunk, see what happens. From testing the method call, it should accept spaces in the String, the FOURIResolver does a lot of URI correction.


On 18 April 2012 16:50, Rob Sargent <> wrote:
And my bad too: FOP-1.0 compiled from source of official release circa 2012-03-01.

You are correct in that I'm working off of FopFactory, but my debugger takes me to the same setFontBaseURL(String) you list so I'm not sure switching to FontManager would change anything.  (It will take a moderate effort to switch this:  the "long story" is that we still use older versions of fop (including to 0.20-5 I'm sorry to say) so that's why I'm using reflection (and classloader shenanigans to boot).

I have not looked at recent releases for any fixes in this area.  I actually expected a flood of "your doing it wrong, do this instead"....


On 04/18/2012 09:19 AM, mehdi houshmand wrote:
Hi Rob,

Ooohh, my bad. I must have misunderstood your concern. This is an interesting little problem, the only thing I can think if is that the FopFactory overrides the FontManager.setFontBaseURL(...) method:

        this.fontManager = new FontManager() {

            /** {@inheritDoc} */
            public void setFontBaseURL(String fontBase) throws MalformedURLException {

But then, you're calling the "setFontBaseURL(...)" method on FopFactory and not FontManager, so I don't know, maybe someone else may have an idea. But could you give us all the usuals, what version of FOP you're using? Have you tried seeing if trunk has the same issue etc...


On 18 April 2012 15:39, Rob Sargent <> wrote:
Thanks Mehdi, looking forward to the API change.

But I'm not sending ".../acres install/...", rather (I believe) I'm sending ".../acres%20install/..." as the string URL.  Is that not the correct format?


On 04/18/2012 01:43 AM, mehdi houshmand wrote:
Hi Rob,

Firstly, we are working to change how fop handles file access and I/O in general. I should note, that we're unifying all resource acquisition to resolving URIs, not URLs. The two concepts differ, and it's non-trivial.

Secondly, there are some misnomers in the names of these resource finders. The issue you're seeing is that "/d1/rework/acres install/ac47/eclipe/plugins" while it is a valid URL, it is not a valid URI. The FopFactory.setFontBaseURL(...) method delegates to the FOURIResolver to validate the String given and parses it as a URL NOT a URL. That is why you're seeing this problem.


On 17 April 2012 23:58, Rob Sargent <> wrote:
Seems to me FopFactory.setFontBaseURL(String s) is broken?

Forgive the reflection calls (long story).

    File fontsdir = new File(bundlePath + fopHome + "/fonts");
    URL fontsURL = fontsdir.toURI().toURL();
    setFontBaseURLMethod.invoke(fopFactory, fontsURL.toExternalForm());

works fine when the directory is, shall we say, normal, but if the directory has a space the method appears to eat the "%20".

Caused by: Illegal character in path at index 23: file:///d1/rework/acres install/ac47/eclipse/plugins/com.amirsys.console_4.6.0/fop/fop100/fop/fonts/

bundlePath=/d1/rework/acres install/ac47/eclipe/plugins

I've written a test jig to see what File.toURI().toURL() does:

public class FileURL {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        try {
            File f = new File(args[0]);
            URL furl = f.toURI().toURL();
        catch ( mue) {

And that reports what I expected, an encoded path:
java -cp . FileURL /d1/rework/acres\ install/ac47

I hope someone has a better plan.

I do think that the FOP api should be changed to take a URL rather than a string, but that's for another day.