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From Stefan Hinz <stefan.h...@oracle.com>
Subject SEVERE: Image not found
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2012 14:19:26 GMT
I've googled for the annoying messages FOP 1.0 spits out, and found 
quite a few complaints, but no resolution. So here are my questions to you:

When converting DocBook XML to PDF, using xsltproc and the DocBook XSL 
style sheets version 1.77.1 (it's not specific to that version, just 
saying), I get a gazillion warnings like this:

SEVERE: Image not found. URI: ../common/images/note.svg. ...

They're just warnings, but they clutter up the output so that it's hard 
to spot real problems such as overflow issues.

(1) Any idea what causes those warnings? We're not using SVG images at 
all, just PNG files. Particularly, we're not using files in 
../common/images (there's no such directory for any of our books).

(2) Assuming it's some FOP-internal thing (a bug?) that cannot be fixed 
on our end, is there a workaround to stop FOP from issuing those warnings?

(3) How would I find out the exact FOP version I'm using? (I'm thinking 
maybe it's a bug that would be fixed by upgrading to a newer version.) 
When running "fop --version" it just reports "1.0".

Thanks much for any pointers!


Stefan Hinz <stefan.hinz@oracle.com>, MySQL Documentation Manager

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