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From "Kerry, Richard" <richard.ke...@atos.net>
Subject RE: FOP memory growing with a lot of <page-sequences>
Date Fri, 19 Apr 2013 11:04:13 GMT

Surely that's 100k documents, each with one page (or a small number of pages) ?



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From: Maruan Sahyoun [sahyoun@fileaffairs.de]
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Subject: Re: FOP memory growing with a lot of <page-sequences>


e.g. we have a banking customer where account statements are produced and sent for printing.
A single PDF has around 100k pages.


Am 19.04.2013 um 11:04 schrieb Paul Womack <support@papermule.co.uk<mailto:support@papermule.co.uk>>:

aemitic wrote:
Thanks for the suggestion.

This /workaround/ (it's not a solution) cannot be applied. Why:
 - internal pdf links would not work
 - pdf bookmarks would not work
 - page numbering would not be correct
 - creating over 150000 PDFs and then merging them with an external tool is
unacceptable from a performance point of view

I cannot imagine a (useful) PDF with 150,000 pages.

This may well be a limitation of my imagination :-)

Can you tell me a little about this?


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