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From bob swanson <bobswans...@gmail.com>
Subject [No Subject]
Date Thu, 18 Apr 2013 15:59:01 GMT
>> I've created some pretty large PDFs (e.g 500+ pages) with a lot of

>> IMO, although memory usage increases, eventually Java's Garbage

>> will free up your memory.

I am creating a 500-600 page document with over 1,000
high-quality images and just have to set a good-sized
memory limit in order for the script to work.

I'm using:

FOP_OPTS="-Xms400m -Xmx400m"

with the script on a Mac.

Certainly there may be issues with usage of particular
constructs or features, but I have not run into
those with my projects.

Keep up the good work!

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