I had tried the following:
* Setting resolution to 96
* Trying out different values of scaling-method for fo:external-graphic

Configuration pages describe settings for tiff image renderer, but I assume all those would NOT be used in my case, only pdf renderer...

2014-01-28 Valentina Cupac <valentina.cupac@tp.rs>
Additional information - the input tiff image has the following properties:
Horizontal resolution: 96dpi
Vertical resolution: 96dpi
Bit depth: 16
Compression: Uncompressed

The image is grayscale type, there's no color.

Are there any special settings which should be applied to make it render correctly in a pdf report?

2014-01-28 Valentina <valentina@tp.rs>

Hi I am including Tiff image in Pdf output.

The problem is that it is not rendering the image correctly. For example, the original Tiff image has much stronger contrast (i.e. some very dark sections, some very light sections), whilst the pdf output image appears more greyish and noisy.

Is this a known issue?

Also I looked here:

"FOP can embed TIFF images without decompression into PDF, PostScript and AFP if they have either CCITT T.4, CCITT T.6, or JPEG compression. Otherwise, a TIFF-capable Image I/O codec is necessary for decoding the image.

There may be some limitation concerning images in the CMYK color space."

Could someone explain the meaning of those sentences. Thanks.