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From <markus.sticker.e...@zf.com>
Subject Question about Font selection
Date Tue, 19 May 2015 09:58:23 GMT

my major issue is about math symbols and symbols in general.
Just I had an issue about the symbol font on windows, now I use the
GNU FreeFonts instead of the windows fonts, because they delivered
the wrong character presentation.

Now I want to set the fallback to the ArialUnicode.
You can see I set the Arial to "any".
In my SVG I use the Glyph  "bracerightvertical", one time as
"lucida sans unicode" (this does the thrid party math exporter) and
one time I use "Arial"

If Arial is set as font-family the glyph is drawn.
The log mentioned that lucida is replaced by any.
Any is configured to Arial Unicode.
But FOP is look on Helvetica for the vertical braces.

So my question is how to configure the fop right that the major fallback will map to
this Arial Unicode? (so that also other fonts, I don't know today, will have a lookup on
the Arial Unicode)

Attached you will find my current configuration, fo File, pdf and the SVG.
Thanks for your help.
Best Regards


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