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From "Jan Tosovsky" <j.tosov...@email.cz>
Subject RE: Getting bold fonts with FOP 2.0 and OpenType CFF fonts
Date Tue, 07 Jul 2015 18:04:39 GMT
On 2015-07-06 Paul Grosso wrote:
>   Font "Stempel Garamond LT Std,normal,700" not found.
>   Substituting with "Stempel Garamond LT Std,normal,400".
>   Font "Gill Sans Std,normal,700" not found.
>   Substituting with "Gill Sans Std,normal,400".

In auto-detection font names are taken directly from font info which may
return different names for different styles, so you cannot use simply your
font name with bold font-weight, but a dedicated font name instead.

You can try opening the font cache (on Windows
%UserProfile%\.fop\fop-fonts.cache ) in any text editor and try to search
for your font name. It is surrounded with binary data, but you can guess the
name which FOP expect.

For Frutiger in my case I have to specify 4 different styles:

e.g. this way...

HTH, Jan

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