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From jerem...@apache.org
Subject Something to discuss about the next Batik release
Date Sat, 19 Feb 2005 17:35:32 GMT
(PMC chair hat on....)


I realize that Batik will soon want to do a new release. There's an
issue I wanted to bring up. Batik delivers the pdf-transcoder.jar with
its distribution. Until now this was always a CVS snapshot. There was no
tagging (FOP) CVS or involvement by the FOP team in such a release. This
is obviously a suboptimal situation.

With the new oversight rules demanded by the Board, a release within the
XML Graphics project needs to be sanctioned by the PMC. This is to
ensure that there are no legal and other delicate problems in a release.
This process also makes sure that there's an logged connection between
the (sub)project making a release and the ASF (or one of its officers,
in this case the PMC chair). See also:

What does this mean now? You know that I have the idea to separate
certain components in the FOP (and Batik) codebases into a separate
repository/area which is writable by both teams. I've given this some
thought lately, and now that we have a Subversion repository it's
probably time to get this started. I'm going to do most of the grunt
work if this is approved and once we've agreed on a plan (although help
is welcome as usual). I'll write up my ideas for a plan in the Wiki

That is not to say that this has to happen before Batik does its next
release. What I would like to see, however, is that the Batik team
informs the FOP team (via this list) when they are getting near the
release so the FOP team can make sure that everything is ready for a
release. FOP will need to have its codebase tagged before Batik does a
release and Batik will use the FOP tag to create the Batik release.

Any comments or questions?

Jeremias Maerki

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