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From Jeremias Maerki <...@jeremias-maerki.ch>
Subject Re: Status report for August 2009
Date Fri, 07 Aug 2009 19:59:42 GMT
On 04.08.2009 21:42:13 Simon Pepping wrote:
> The August report needs to be submitted by 16 August. I've
> written an initial draft. Please add/fix/update/improve until Friday
> 15 August night (CET).
> http://wiki.apache.org/xmlgraphics/StatusReports/StatusReportForMay2009
> I tried to get some numbers on activity. I have come up with the
> activity on the mailing lists during May, June and July, as can be
> derived from the Apache archives:
> fop commits: 88
> batik commits: 5
> xmlgraphics commits: 15 (minus deployment of the web site)
> fop-dev: 311
> fop-users: 610
> batik-dev: 112
> batik-users: 243
> general: 48
> Nice graphs can be seen at markmail: http://fop.markmail.org/,
> http://fop-dev.markmail.org/, http://fop-user.markmail.org/,
> http://batik.markmail.org/, http://batik-dev.markmail.org/,
> http://batik-user.markmail.org/,
> http://xmlgraphics.markmail.org/search/?q=#query:list%3Aorg.apache.xmlgraphics.general+page:1+state:facets

Other interesting statistics:

Generally, the (updated) report sounds fine.

One thing that concerns me a bit is the growing patch queue in Batik and

Batik Patch Queue:
FOP Patch Queue:

Good patches that don't get processed will drive potential committers
away at some point. And patches can go out of date. But I still have no
recipe to get our project more active. I've been trying to recruit FOP
users to participate in the development ever since I went independent,
with only little success. Some people are often happier to pay for a
little extension or fix (which made a good part of my income in the last
few years) than to dive in themselves and take more control. And most
simply expect others to work for them for free. And then there's the
problem that spare fun time to do things not work/client-related is
usually very limited. Sigh.

Jeremias Maerki

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