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From Chris Bowditch <bowditch_ch...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: Initial JIRA Developers List for XMLGraphics Projects
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2012 07:42:19 GMT
On 25/04/2012 20:49, Glenn Adams wrote:

Hi Glenn,
> I need to submit a list of developers for the xmlgraphics projects (batik,
> fop, xgc) for the JIRA transition. In particular, I need to provide a JIRA
> user name for each developer where the associated email account is the same
> as that used in Bugzilla. If the developer doesn't have a JIRA account or
> if their Bugzilla email is different, then they need to change their
> Bugzilla email account to match their JIRA account or create a new JIRA
> account with a matching email.

Thanks for preparing the list below. See my comments inline below:
> I've checked the current committers/contributors, and it appears that the
> following already satisfy these requirements with the following listed JIRA
> account info (*JIRA user name*, *JIRA email*):
>     - Glenn Adams (gadams, gadams at apache dot org)
>     - Luis Bernardo (lmpmbernardo, lmpmbernardo at gmail dot com)
>     - Chris Bowditch (cbowditch, bowditch_chris at hotmail dot com)
>     - Adrian Cumiskey (dev at cumiskey dot com, dev at cumiskey dot com)
>     - Georg Datterl (gd at geneon dot de, gd at geneon dot de)
Georg is no longer available at that e-mail address. Also, since he's a 
Contributor rather than a committer I suggest you do not add Georg at 
this time.
>     - Thomas Deweese (deweese, deweese at apache dot org)
>     - Peter Hancock (phancock, peter dot hancock at gmail dot com)
>     - Vincent Hennebert (vhennebert, vhennebert at gmail dot com)
>     - Mehdi Houshmand (med1985 at gmail dot com, med1985 at gmail dot com)
>     - Clay Leeds (the_webmaestro, the dot webmaestro at gmail dot com)
>     - Jeremias Maerki (jeremias at apache dot org, jeremias at apache dot
>     org)
>     - Cameron McCormack (cam, cam at apache dot org)
>     - Simon Pepping (spepping, spepping at apache dot org)
>     - Joerg Pietschmann (j322ptm at yahoo dot de, j322ptm at yahoo dot de)
>     - Dieter van Holten (dvholten, info at dvholten dot de)
> Could you please confirm this information is correct? If I don't hear from
> you by May 1, I will use the above information.
> The following committers/contributors do not appear to have a JIRA account.
> I will need you to create an account at [1], where you use the same email
> account as you are using in Bugzilla, which I list below:
>     - Andreas Delmelle (adelmelle at apache dot org)
>     - Helder Magalhaes (helder dot magalhaes at gmail dot com)
>     - Louis Masters (louis dot masters at log hyphen net dot com)
Louis is a contributor rather than a committer and I don't believe I've 
seen him active for a few months. Please don't add him at this time.
>     - Venkat Reddy (vanukuri dot venkat at googlemail dot com)
Venkat was a Contributor who used to work on FOP for Thunderhead, but 
left over a year ago. He has not been active since then and I have since 
removed him as an active Contributor from the team page. Please don't 
add him at this time.
>     - Pascal Sancho (pascal dot sancho at takoma dot fr)
> Please create your JIRA account by May 1 and send me a confirmation along
> with the user name you used.
I've checked the team pages of FOP and Batik and don't believe you've 
missed any committer from the above list.


> [1] https://issues.apache.org/jira/secure/Signup!default.jspa
> Thanks,
> Glenn

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