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Message listThread · Author · Date yetus git commit: YETUS-182. document git hash in patchnames doc. Tue, 05 Jan, 06:29 yetus git commit: YETUS-251. default patch-naming-rule points to old yetus url. Tue, 05 Jan, 06:34 yetus git commit: YETUS-267. use curl -L when given a patch URL Tue, 05 Jan, 20:42 yetus git commit: YETUS-273. Misleading warning messages when FINDBUGS_HOME is not set. Fri, 08 Jan, 20:29 yetus git commit: YETUS-280. build systems should be able to predetermine module order Wed, 13 Jan, 16:57 yetus git commit: git hash e330e3fdf111ce0ac22076db59cc2f34780a347c Wed, 13 Jan, 18:49 yetus git commit: YETUS-271. will -1 if there are no java source code in the module. Thu, 14 Jan, 16:04 yetus git commit: YETUS-285. flag to enable/disable docker privileged mode Fri, 15 Jan, 22:24 yetus git commit: YETUS-173. report fixed issues Sat, 16 Jan, 18:44 yetus git commit: YETUS-104. Update document about plugin functions. Mon, 18 Jan, 19:29 yetus git commit: git hash d6481ff4e679967c4209b05b4bff89d170660b8b Mon, 18 Jan, 19:32 yetus git commit: YETUS-201. dsec file hanging around Mon, 25 Jan, 18:45 yetus git commit: YETUS-272. add a way to flag/veto patches to code which jenkins doesn't test Mon, 25 Jan, 19:14 yetus git commit: YETUS-70. add support for make/cmake/autoconf/ctest Mon, 25 Jan, 23:51 yetus git commit: git hash 23c00565ef7bab7506b06e9cf3bc45cf9eaaf9e5 Tue, 26 Jan, 01:01 yetus git commit: Allow releasedocmaker to use output directory Wed, 06 Jan, 01:31 yetus git commit: YETUS-265. maven javadocs aren't calcdiff'd correctly Thu, 07 Jan, 11:22 yetus git commit: YETUS-275. removing files(?) causes pylint file open failures. Mon, 18 Jan, 01:25 yetus git commit: YETUS-235. releasedocmaker does not give an error if a non-existent version is given Sat, 23 Jan, 13:57 yetus git commit: YETUS-205. shelldocs lint test for precommit Sat, 23 Jan, 14:00 yetus git commit: YETUS-290. reference to another function in calcdiffs' description is wrong Mon, 25 Jan, 04:57 yetus git commit: YETUS-282. Allow the specification of a base JIRA URL Thu, 28 Jan, 13:49
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