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Subject svn commit: r1197461 - /incubator/ace/trunk/ace-target-devserver/src/main/resources/conf/
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2011 09:44:04 GMT
Author: marrs
Date: Fri Nov  4 09:44:04 2011
New Revision: 1197461

ACE-191 commented out the whole sample configuration to prevent all kinds of errors and delays
at startup


Modified: incubator/ace/trunk/ace-target-devserver/src/main/resources/conf/
--- incubator/ace/trunk/ace-target-devserver/src/main/resources/conf/
+++ incubator/ace/trunk/ace-target-devserver/src/main/resources/conf/
Fri Nov  4 09:44:04 2011
@@ -1,26 +1,33 @@
+# Sample configuration file. You need to uncomment all the properties
+# and change some of the placeholders for this configuration to work.
 # Configure your server here
 # Note that AMIs are specific to an Amazon availability zone
+# Your access key ID and secret access key (AWS console, top right menu "Security Credentials")
+# Tag prefix for instance names
 # Use this bootstrap to use a Sun VM instead of the OpenJDK one provided by Amazon
-nodeBootstrap=cd ~; wget -Ojava.bin
;chmod +x java.bin;./java.bin /y; export PATH=`pwd`/jre1.6.0_23/bin:$PATH
+#nodeBootstrap=cd ~; wget -Ojava.bin
;chmod +x java.bin;./java.bin /y; export PATH=`pwd`/jre1.6.0_23/bin:$PATH
 # Open up any extra ports (comma separated list)
 # Should we run the process as root? This only works if your account is in the sudoers file.
 # A comma separated list of extra artifacts that will be downloaded from the OBR (just list
their filenames here)
 # A comma separated list of extra artifacts that will be downloaded from the specified URLs
(list full URLs here)

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