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Subject svn commit: r1330368 - /ace/site/trunk/content/dev-doc/design/auditlog-protocol.mdtext
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2012 15:55:30 GMT
Author: marrs
Date: Wed Apr 25 15:55:29 2012
New Revision: 1330368

Added initial audit log protocol design.


Added: ace/site/trunk/content/dev-doc/design/auditlog-protocol.mdtext
--- ace/site/trunk/content/dev-doc/design/auditlog-protocol.mdtext (added)
+++ ace/site/trunk/content/dev-doc/design/auditlog-protocol.mdtext Wed Apr 25 15:55:29 2012
@@ -0,0 +1,49 @@
+Title: Audit Log Protocol
+Audit logs record life cycle changes on targets. As such, an audit log can be used to see
changes over time and track what is actually on a target. This design describes the protocol
to exchange audit log information.
+Each target has an audit log. If the log somehow gets lost on the target, it will generate
a new log with a new unique ID. A log contains entries, where each entry gets a sequence number.
+The audit log protocol consists of three commands. The first command can be used for two
parties to exchange information about available audit log entry sequence numbers. The other
two commands allow you to send and receive data.
+Querying log information
+This command can be used to exchange information about available audit log entry sequence
numbers. Information is exchanged between either a target and a (relay) server, or a relay
server and a server. You ask the other party what sequence numbers it has, either for a specific
target or for all targets. The result is a collection of sequence numbers. You can then act
on that, sending the other party the entries it's missing and asking for entries you don't
+* `GET auditlog/query` - returns a full list of sequence numbers
+* `GET auditlog/query?gwid=myid&logid=2007-07-01` - returns sequence numbers for a specific
+* `GET auditlog/query?filter=(vendor='luminis')` - returns sequence numbers for any target
that matches the filter
+### About queries
+Queries (for log information or entries) come in three forms:
+1. Without any filter, you simply get everything.
+2. With a filter on certain keys, all values of specified keys will have to match.
+3. With an LDAP filter, where you can filter on arbitrary keys and use compound expressions
and pattern matching.
+Sending log information
+By sending log information, you're pushing it to the other party. You will probably first
have figured out, by querying, what data actually needs to be sent.
+* POST auditlog/send - returns status (ok, not ok)
+The data gets sent in the following format:
+    gwid, logid, seqnr, eventnumber, type (, key, value)*
+Data is terminated by '\n' (a new-line).
+Receiving log information
+Here you're asking the other party for data. As part of the request, you can ask for specific
information about one or more targets. If you're not specific, you will get everything.
+* `GET auditlog/receive` - returns list/collection of elements
+* `GET auditlog/receive?gwid=myid` - (see querying)
+* `GET auditlog/receive?filter=(region='asia')` - ...
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