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From Marcel Offermans <>
Subject Re: Getting Started problems with Ace WebUI
Date Fri, 29 Jan 2010 09:00:39 GMT
Hello John,

On Jan 29, 2010, at 0:52 , John E. Conlon wrote:

> Marcel Offermans wrote:
>> No, I meant adding the resource processor bundle to the list of bundles you want
installed on the target.

> I thought you may have meant this, but if one does add it to the list of bundles, how
will ACE distinguish this 'Customizer bundle'  from others bundle resources that are part
of the Deployment Package?  Will need to specify this somehow as a "DeploymentPackage-Customizer:

If you stick to the spec, then "customizer bundles" don't provide any mandatory metadata to
recognize them. However, for ACE we decided that it would be very convenient if a user could
just drop it in, so we add a header of the following form:

 Deployment-ProvidesResourceProcessor: org.osgi.deployment.rp.autoconf

(in this example for a processor that can process resources tagged with that PID)

> Also same question for other customizers.  How to distinguish them from bundles that
are part of the list?

> Same as well for 'processed resources'.  How to tell ACE their resource processor's pid?

There are a couple of other bits that we have to add to ACE to make this whole process work.
You have to provide an implementation of both ArtifactRecognizer and ArtifactHelper, which
provide support services to the client.

As said before by Angelo, the current UI does not expose enough features yet to make it work.

Some background information about this can be found on the following page:

>>> (Seems to me that it should work because it is not associated with a
>>> foriegn deployment package it is just installed normally on the framework. )
>> As far as I understood it, it has to be in the same DP, but it's been a while since
I read the spec. Could you point me to the part of the spec that states that?
> Deployment Admin 114.16.4
> "Bundles exporting the service may arrive in
> the deployment package (customizers) or may be preregistered (they are
> installed prevoiusly). Resource processors has to define the
> standard OSGi service property which should be a unique string."

Thanks, that's a bug.

> Actually I sort of like it as a Customizer Bundle although, it makes the Deployment Package

Indeed, but it does make the whole process more flexible.

> There was one other subtlety that did not work but would be nice if it did. Auto Configuration
Specification 115.4.4
> "The OCD elements that are referred from an Object element can be contained
> in the Autoconf resource, or they can come from the Meta Type service.
> The reference takes place through the ocdref attribute of the Object
> element. The Autoconf Resource Processor must first match this name to
> any OCD elements in the Autoconf resources. If the reference cannot be
> found in this file, it must consult the Meta Type service (if present) for the
> bundle that is associated with the PID that is configured."
> I am using Meta Type for my bundles.  But could not remove my OCD element to let it find
the one on the bundle.  When I try and load a Deployment Package with this defaulting autoconf.xml
I get thrown a Null Pointer and the load fails.   May be some other kind of edge thing here
because it is further complicated by my using ManagedServiceFactories.  I am content with
it work as it is though.

Feel free to report this as an enhancement. Probably the issue tracker for Apache Felix is
the best place as that's where the code resides.

>> It's in scope as far as I'm concerned. We initially developed and donated the DA
implementation to Apache Felix because at that time, ACE did not exist as an open source project
yet (and it makes sense because it's a compendium service, so Felix is a great place to maintain
that). However, it's an important part of ACE so I do think it's in scope to discuss it here.
> Good to hear that I have not left the building with Elvis;-)


> kind regards and thanks for all the great work,

You're welcome, thanks for the feedback.

Greetings, Marcel

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