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From "John E. Conlon" <>
Subject Re: Getting Started problems with Ace WebUI
Date Wed, 27 Jan 2010 20:46:18 GMT
Hi Angelo,

Angelo van der Sijpt wrote:
> Hm, this could be something with the web ui. Could you try some other
> browser?

Tried IE 7.0 from a windows xp, but could never see any labels for 
artifacts, features, or targets.  Ouch. 

So I installed another firefox on that windows box, and I could see the 
labels for the elements but like my Firefox on the Ubuntu machine I 
could not associate lower level elements to parents.  ???

Perhaps my server is hosed? What is the best way to clean my webui 
bundle to start the server fresh?

I only guessing what the Retrieve Store and Revert buttons mean,  not so 
sure about the Target Static/Dynamic label. My target is the example one 
and it displays as 'configuredGatewayID - IDLE'.

> Autoconf files (or any other artifact that is not a bundle) are not yet
> supported.
> That is, the client (the bundles that know how to communicate with the
> server) supports this, but the web ui does not show these features yet.
> has already been created for
> this.
Looked at ACE-53 and saw your comment on AutoConf.  
If I use the filebased server and add to my target the 
org.apache.felix.deployment.rp.autoconf-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar do you think 
I can drop in an autoconf.xml file in my folder and it will deploy to 
the target??

thanks, John

> Angelo
> On Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 6:42 PM, John E. Conlon <>wrote:
>> Hi Ace Team,
>> I'm a new user trying to come up to speed on ACE and OSGi's Deployment
>> Admin and have a few new user questions regarding the getting started on the
>> web ui and Ace/DeployAdmin.
>> Test drive File based - ok
>> Was able to startup the file based server (target/dev-server-filebased) and
>> the 'target'  (deploy/target/dev-gateway) and see bundle resources
>>  installed, updated, and deleted as artifacts on the target.  Cool stuff.
>> Test drive WebUI - problems
>> Had problems when I tested out the target/dev-server-webui though.  While I
>> could add an artifact, feature, and distribution and I could see my target,
>> I could not associate artifacts with features, nor features with
>> distributions, nor distributions with my target.  Dragging one to the other
>> does not seem to work on my Ubuntu Firefox 3.5.7 browser.  Any tips on how I
>> can get this working?
>> Ace and Deployment Admin
>> Besides bundle resources (aka artifacts) how can I deploy autoconf
>> processed resources or more generic processed resources and customizer
>> bundles?
>> thanks for any help,
>> John

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