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From Marcel Offermans <>
Subject Re: ace-target-devgateway up and running!
Date Sun, 31 Jan 2010 08:23:26 GMT
Hello JB,

Thanks for confirming! I've started working on the server. As a first step I added all the
dependencies to the pom.xml in ace-target-devserver. I did not commit yet, because I'm getting
some validation messages:

Project ID: org.apache.ace:ace-target-devserver
POM Location: /Users/marcel/dev/ace/ace-target-devserver/pom.xml
Validation Messages:

    [0]  'dependencies.dependency.version' is missing for org.apache.felix:org.apache.felix.main:jar
    [1]  'dependencies.dependency.version' is missing for org.apache.felix:org.apache.felix.prefs:jar
    [2]  'dependencies.dependency.version' is missing for
    [3]  'dependencies.dependency.version' is missing for
    [4]  'dependencies.dependency.version' is missing for org.knopflerfish:bundle-useradmin:jar
    [5]  'dependencies.dependency.version' is missing for org.knopflerfish:log:jar
    [6]  'dependencies.dependency.version' is missing for org.ops4j:pax-web-extender-war:jar
    [7]  'dependencies.dependency.version' is missing for org.ops4j:pax-web-service:jar

Reason: Failed to validate POM for project org.apache.ace:ace-target-devserver at /Users/marcel/dev/ace/ace-target-devserver/pom.xml

Looking at for example the first message, the code I have in the pom is:


Does maven mean it's missing a <version> tag here? If so, why is it only complaining
about that for some dependencies (most of them don't contain one, which is also the case for
he now working devgateway target).

Greetings, Marcel

On Jan 31, 2010, at 8:21 , Jean-Baptiste Onofré wrote:

> Hi Marcel,
> after a missing dependency issue (I added a maven repo to avoid this), I made the same
as you mention and it works fine.
> Regards
> JB
> Marcel Offermans wrote:
>> After all the work that has already been done on the Mavenization, I took some time
to get the ace-target-devgateway up and running. In the end, two minor fixes to the Bnd files
were all it took.
>> I'm running this target against the dev-server-webui as created by the Ant build.
>> To do this yourself, in a shell (with a full checkout of the sources):
>> ant release (which basically runs the full ant build with all testing and packaging)
>> cd deploy/target/dev-server-webui
>> sh (now the server should be up and running, browse to http://localhost:8080/webui/
to validate)
>> In a second shell (from the base checkout dir) as also explained at
>> mvn clean install
>> mvn clean install -Ptargets
>> cd ace-target-devgateway/target/ace-target-devgateway-0.8.0-SNAPSHOT-distribution/ace-gateway/
>> sh
>> Now in the web UI you should see the gateway showing up in the last column.
>> I would appreciate it if anybody could confirm they get this far. Next up will be
a bigger task, getting all server side bundles working.
>> Greetings, Marcel
> -- 
> Jean-Baptiste Onofré (Nanthrax)
> BuildProcess/AutoDeploy Project Leader
> PGP : 17D4F086

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