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From Bram de Kruijff <>
Subject Re: Integrating ACE into your development environment...
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2011 08:31:48 GMT
Hi all,

On Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 10:40 AM, Přemek Brada <> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'd think some first-class dev support for ACE would be a good move
> now that the release is out; in general, "user friendly" development
> support isn't that common in OSGi world yet, seems to me ;)
> As Marcel mentioned, we (actually, one master student of mine) have
> created an Eclipse plugin that is able to do quite a few things of
> those suggested - run locally installed ACE server and target off
> Eclipse, push the bundle created in Eclipse (via standard PDE or
> bndtools) to the server OBR, have all the bundles in server accessible
> as special user library on project classpath, and run the target in
> debug mode.
> The implementation is available from
> where both the source and
> update site are linked. I wonder whether you think that could be a
> start towards the IDE support Marcel sketched.

Nice, I wasn't aware of this plugin. Thanks for sharing!

> Besides that, a REST API for communicating with the server would help
> a lot for such IDE integration. For instance, we had quite a few
> problems reaching the correct spots in ACE to have the
> bundle-feature-application-target mapping chain updated correctly when
> the bundle is published to the server. At the moment, the
> implementation actually manipulates the xml mapping files directly.

Agreed, I would very much like to see a RESTfull client api for the
whole chain as well. I think there are use cases beyond IDE
integration and basic updating of bundles. Eg. being able to setup an
entire configuration offline (using curl or whatever) would be very
powerful in complex (integration) test scenarios.

> So, that's my 2c.  I'd be quite interested also to hear any thoughts
> on the Eclipse ACE IDE implementation we currently have.

I'll give it a spin :)


> On 10 June 2011 20:41, Marcel Offermans <> wrote:
>> Hello JB,
>> On 10 Jun 2011, at 17:25 , Jean-Baptiste Onofré wrote:
>>> You're right around the download page and "communication" around the release.
I'm gonna update the wiki adding an announce and the download link.
>> Ok!
>>> 1/ I'm fully agree about usage of ACE during development. Does it mean that we
will provide plugin for Eclipse and/or IntelliJ supporting ACE. If it's the case, why not
thinking a kind of UI in Eclipse IDE, even for production system ? We should also support
a kind of branding for UI.
>> As a first step this is about enabling easy integration into build and IDE systems.
The next logical step would be to create integrations for specific IDE's and Premek for example
has already shown a project that might fit in nicely.
>> For production systems, my personal preference would be to stick with a web application,
because that requires no installation and because I see Eclipse as a development tool, not
necessarily as an end user tool. But the client API can definitely support other user interfaces,
so from that point of view, the more, the merrier!
>>> 2/ Now that the release if out, we need to work on the documentation. I propose
to use the mechanism used in Apache Camel: the documentation "source" is on the wiki and we
will be able to generate an user guide extracted from the wiki and generating professional
PDF documents (using Prince XML).
>> Do you have a link to some background information on how that works? One thing I
am keeping in the back of my mind as well is that Confluence will be phased out for creating
projects' websites. I don't think we must already move, but at some point in the future we
will. We should take that into account as well.
>> The most important thing is that we first must *have* user documentation first! :)
>>> 2'/ Around new features, I'm gonna resume the full support of Karaf next week,
both as a runtime container for ACE and a supported target (including features).
>> Please create some kind of sandbox in svn so we can all take a look at this!
>>> I have also in mind to provide AutoDeploy/Kalumet feature in ACE (system command
support, etc).
>> Ok.
>>> Next week will be an ACE one for me ;)
>> :) have a nice weekend!
>> Greetings, Marcel
> --
> Premek Brada (Ing et MSc, PhD)
>   Lecturer in Software enginering, Webmaster
>   Department of Computer Science and Engineering
>   University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, CZ
>   << brada at | | +420-377-63-2435 >>

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