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From Jan Willem Janssen <>
Subject move/retire a couple of ACE sub-projects
Date Fri, 22 Jan 2016 15:10:18 GMT

I’ve picked up some work on ACE recently, and see a couple of sub-projects
that are not directly part of the “core” of ACE but augment its functionality
in certain ways for specific use cases. These sub-projects are:

- org.apache.ace.ant.tasks ::
  this project provides an Ant task for creating a deployment package from
  Ant; I’m not sure it works out of the box as it relies on another bundle
  that is not embedded;
- org.apache.ace.location.upnp ::
  this project provides a UPnP compatible location service; not sure it
  works out of the box;
- ::
  this is part of the `org.apache.ace.log` project and provides you a way
  of storing ACE logs in MongoDB. Not sure if we want to support this form
  of log storage out of the box;
- org.apache.ace.nodelauncher ::
  this project could be used to automatically deploy distributions to (new)
  targets in AWS. Not sure if it still works with AWS;
- org.apache.ace.processlauncher ::
  provides the ability to spawn new processes on targets by means of
  supplying configurations.

Unless somebody has compelling arguments to keep one or more of these project
in the “core” of ACE, I’d like to move the code of these projects to a sandbox
to reduce the clutter in our source repository.


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