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Subject [3/3] git commit: [#7305] Added narrative documentation for SCM apps
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2014 21:30:01 GMT
[#7305] Added narrative documentation for SCM apps

Signed-off-by: Cory Johns <>


Branch: refs/heads/cj/7305
Commit: 9d4e646bdd56f0e2105c583605ffabb3d064f5eb
Parents: 839d9cf
Author: Cory Johns <>
Authored: Thu Apr 3 20:08:29 2014 +0000
Committer: Cory Johns <>
Committed: Thu Apr 3 20:08:29 2014 +0000

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+       under the License.
+Guide to SCM tools in Allura
+The interface API and most of the controller and view structure of
+code repository type apps is defined in the base classes in the
+Allura package, which consists of the classes in the following
+* `allura.lib.respository` for the base application and implementation classes
+* `allura.controllers.respository` for the base controllers
+* `allura.model.respository` for the repo metadata models
+* `allura.model.repo_refresh` for the repo metadata refresh logic
+Application and Implementation
+The `Application` structure for SCM apps follows the normal pattern for
+Allura applications, though they should inherit from
+`allura.lib.repository.RepositoryApp` instead of ``.
+The apps are then responsible for implementing sublcasses of
+`allura.lib.repository.Repository` and `allura.lib.repository.RepositoryImplementation`.
+The `Repository` subclass is responsible for implementing tool-specific
+logic using the metadata models and proxying the rest of its logic to the
+`RepositoryImplementation` subclass, which talks directly to the underlying
+SCM tool, such as `GitPython`, `Mercurial`, or `pysvn`.
+Historically, more was done in the `Repository` subclass using the metadata
+models, but we are trying to move away from those toward making the SCM apps
+thin wrappers around the underlying SCM tool (see `Indexless`_, below).
+Controller / View Dispatch
+All of the SCM apps use the base controllers in `allura.controllers.repository`
+with only minimal customization through subclassing (primarily to
+override the template for displaying instructions for setting up a newly
+created repository), so the dispatch for all SCM apps follows the same
+The root controller for SCM apps is `allura.controllers.repository.RepoRootController`.
+This controller has views for repo-level actions, such as forking and merging,
+and the SCM app attaches a refs and a commits (ci) controller to dispatch symbolic
+references and explicit commit IDs, respectively.  (This should be refactored to be
+done in the `RepoRootController` so that the dispatch can be followed more easily.)
+(Also, `ForgeSVN` actually eschews this class and uses `BranchBrowser` directly as
+its root, in order to tweak the URL slightly, but it monkeypatches the relevant
+views over, so the dispatch ends up working more or less the same.)
+The refs controller, `allura.controllers.repository.RefsController`, handles
+symbolic references, and in particular handles custom escape handling to detect
+what is part of the ref name vs part of the remainder of the URL to dispatch.
+This is then handed off to the `BranchBrowserClass` which is a pointer to
+the implementation within the specific SCM app which handles the empty
+repo instructions or hands it back to the generic commits controller.
+The commits controller, `allura.controllers.repository.CommitsController`,
+originally only handled explicit commit IDs, but was modified to allow for
+persistent symbolic refs in the URL ("/p/allura/git/ci/master/", e.g.),
+it was changed to have the same escape parsing logic as the refs controller.
+Regardless, it just parses out the reference / ID from the URL and hands
+off to the commit browser.
+The commit browser, `allura.controllers.repository.CommitBrowser`, holds
+the views related to a specific commit, such as viewing the commit details
+(message and changes), a log of the commit history starting with the commit,
+or creating a snapshot of the code as of the commit.  It also has a "tree"
+endpoint for browsing the file system tree as of the commit.
+The tree browser, `allura.controllers.repository.TreeBrowser`, holds the
+view for viewing the file system contents at a specific path for a given
+commit.  The only complication here is that, instead of parsing out the
+entire tree path at once, it recursively dispatches to itself to build
+up the path a piece at a time.  Tree browsing also depends on the
+`Last Commit Logic`_ to create the data needed to display the last
+commit that touched each file or directory within the given directory.
+Last Commit Logic
+Determining which commit was the last to touch a given set of files or
+directories can be complicated, depending on the specific SCM tool.
+Git and Mercurial require manually walking up the commit history to
+discover this information, while SVN can return it all from a singlle
+`info2` command (though the SVN call will be signficantly slower than
+any individual call to Git or Mercurial).  Because this can sometimes
+be costly to generate, it is cached via the `allura.model.repository.LastCommit`
+model.  This will generate the data on demand by calling the underlying
+SCM tool, if necessary, but the data is currently pre-generated during
+the post-push refresh logic for Git and Mercurial.
+The overall logic for generating this data for Git and Mercurial is as follows:
+1. All items modified in the current commit get their info from the
+   current commit
+2. The info for the remaining items is found:
+ * If there is a `LastCommit` record for the parent directory, all of
+   the remaining items get their info from the previous `LastCommit`
+ * Otherwise, the list of remaining items is sent to the SCM implementation,
+   which repeatedly asks the SCM for the last commit to touch any of the
+   items for which we are missing information, removing items from the list
+   as commits are reported as having modified them
+3. Once all of the items have information, or if a processing timeout is reached,
+   the gathered information is saved in the `LastCommit` model and returned
+Currently, there are model classes which encapsulate SCM metadata
+(such as commits, file system structure, etc) in a generic (agnostic to
+the underlying tool implementation) way.  However, this means that we're
+duplicating in mongo a lot of data that is already tracked by the
+underlying SCM tool, and this data must also be indexed for new repos
+and after every subsequent push before the commits or files are browsable
+via the web interface.
+To minimize this duplication of data and reduce or eliminate the delay
+between commits being pushed and them being visible, we are trying to
+move toward a lightweight API layer that requests the data from the
+underlying SCM tool directly, with intelligent caching at the points
+and in the format that makes the most sense to make rendering the SCM
+pages as fast as possible.
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