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From Mahadev Konar <>
Subject Incubator Board Report.
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2012 20:57:47 GMT
Hi all,
 We need to send a board report (actually had to send one by Aug 1st
before the board meeting on Aug 15th). Unfortunately I misread and
thought the deadline was actually Aug 15th. Here is a report on what I
think we should send to the board, please review ASAP and add your



Ambari is monitoring, administration and lifecycle management project
for Apache Hadoop clusters.

  - Incubating since 30 August 2011.
  - ambari-186 merged to trunk
  - trunk had roughly 400 commits since last board report
  - branch 0.9 has been created to do a release
  - couple of bug fixes have been checked in to the bug fix branch and
is now ready for release (should be happening in a week or 2)
  - 6 new committers have been contributing steadily since April
(Vikram Dixit, Mahadev, Yusaku, Hitesh, Jitendra, Ramya)
  - 4 new Ambari PPMC members added - Mahadev, Ramya, Jitendra and Hitesh

Issues that must be addressed before graduation are:

  - Making a release
  - Attracting users and developers
  - Increase diversity of developers outside of Hortonworks


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