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From Alejandro Fernandez <>
Subject Re: How do outsiders actually get stuff committed?
Date Fri, 04 Mar 2016 21:35:43 GMT
Dev mailing list doesn't allow attachments. I've uploaded my shell script


On 3/4/16, 1:07 PM, "Alejandro Fernandez" <>

>I agree about including several reviewers that have worked on that same
>area (git blame), maybe ping them if they don't reply within 24 hours. I
>often wait for 2 reviewers to say "Ship It" even though we only require 1.
>It helps to let someone know that they should submit it once you give the
>green light (in case you wait for more than 1 Ship It).
>I'm attaching a shell script I use to copy the files modified in my last
>commit to my vagrant VM.
>I run ./
>to print the commands for the resources I have to copy over.
>I can also execute the script directly from my vagrant VM.
>On 3/3/16, 12:44 PM, "Jonathan Hurley" <> wrote:
>>There are a lot of patches for Ambari; more than most of us can take a
>>look at during a given day. Adding the "Ambari" group is probably not
>>enough because of this; you'll want to add specific committers to your
>>review list. I'd take a look at the reviews which have been submitted
>>recently and add ~5 people to the list. Try to break it up by area of
>>expertise. For example, I wouldn't add people who mainly work in
>>ambari-web to reviews for ambari-agent since they typically won't have
>>general knowledge to provide a worthwhile review.
>>With all of that said, I think that if you're not a committer, you should
>>add a comment to your reviews when they have enough +1's that you need it
>>committed. Otherwise, the reviewers don't really know.
>>Talking about your development environment, no, I don't think there's any
>>good writeup for getting an Ambari development instance working on a Mac.
>>I do use a Mac and I'm able to successfully get Ambari Server running
>>locally with agents installed on Linux VMs. I have a whole bunch of
>>scripts which I use to copy files around for development purposes; it's
>>not really work documenting this since it's very specific to how I work.
>>But I'm happy to answer questions and share tips and tricks.
>>The maven stuff bugs me too; we have modules which depend on other
>>modules in their same parent project. That's weird; In order to work
>>around this, I have to "mvn clean compile package install -DskipTests".
>>For example, ambari-server depends on ambari-views. In the ambari-views
>>project I need to install the bits in my local maven repo (~/.m2)
>>> On Mar 3, 2016, at 3:26 PM, Greg Hill <greg.hill@RACKSPACE.COM> wrote:
>>> I've had mixed results getting patches into Ambari, so I'd like to know
>>>how to go about it better.  In some cases, it's been my fault because I
>>>didn't submit it the right way, or the tests didn't pass for some
>>>reason.  I've reached out for help to get a working test environment to
>>>reproduce failures, and not really gotten much help.  Does someone have
>>>a working setup that can run the full test suite on a Mac?  Can you
>>>document that process please?  The Wiki instructions to use docker
>>>didn't work out.  The tests ran for more than a day before I finally
>>>just killed them.  I can mvn test against some of the subfolders like
>>>ambari-agent, but others die with inscrutable errors.  For example,
>>>ambari-client fails with an error message about not finding
>>>ambari-groovy-client in the maven repo (uh, it's what you're testing
>>>locally, why are you trying to find it in the repo?).  It's probably an
>>>environment issue, but the error tells me nothing useful, and when I
>>>asked previously about it, nobody replied.
>>> Apart from those issues, some patches just sit there without feedback.
>>> I have a very simple change to ambari-agent that's been sitting for
>>>almost 2 months with only 1 "ship it":
>>> I have another related ambari-server patch that has no feedback at all:
>>>  Admittedly, I need to add tests
>>>there, but there was no existing coverage to add to and I don't know
>>>Java well enough to start from nothing to add them.
>>> I'm hoping my most recent one can get some more eyeballs, since I
>>>addressed all the feedback I got so far:
>>> Hopefully it doesn't end up
>>>festering as well.
>>> So, yeah, if you have any advice for someone who isn't a committer to
>>>effectively get their changes in, please pass it along.  Do I just need
>>>to know who to assign the reviews to or something?  Is there a list
>>>somewhere for reference?  I got a couple names yesterday on the mailing
>>>list, but reviewboard didn't seem to have them in the list, so I
>>>couldn't assign them.
>>> Thanks for any advice.
>>> Greg

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