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From Jonathan Hurley <>
Subject Re: Unable to ignore and proceed when a rolling upgrade task fails
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2018 15:36:50 GMT
Ambari does actually give you the options to Ignore and Proceed if the failed task is marked
as skippable in the upgrade pack XML file. Can you provide the specifics of the upgrade in
terms of stack version, service/component experiencing the problem, etc?

´╗┐On 6/7/18, 2:59 AM, "Abhey Rana" <> wrote:

    Aloha Developers,
    I was recently upgrading a cluster of 100 nodes using Ambari's rolling
    upgrade. During upgrade when almost half of the nodes were upgraded an
    upgrade task failed on a particular host due to hard disk failure. In this
    case Ambari web UI prompted me to either downgrade or to retry. In this
    case retry doesn't seems to be a good option so is downgrade because almost
    half of the nodes were upgraded. What could be a better workaround in this
    case is, If Ambari could provide me with an option of ignore and proceed as
    it provides for service checks, and then stop the service that failed. We
    can manage a loss of one host in such a large cluster and can add that host
    later with latest bits once the remaining cluster is upgraded.
    Has anyone faced a similar issues in past, If yes then please tell me any
    probable workaround as of today. Also is there any issue on JIRA regarding
    the development of this feature (of ignoring and proceeding) or feature
    similar to this, because I was unable to find one.
    Please let me know your thoughts on this, because if this problem is being
    faced by a lot of orgs then we can create a JIRA issue and then start
    development for the same.
    Abhey Rana
    CSE Undergraduate | NIT Allahabad
    address: Tilak Hostel, MNNIT Allahabad
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