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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: {DISCUSS] Home for Daytrader sample leveraging Aries
Date Tue, 12 Jan 2010 20:11:19 GMT
David Jencks wrote:
> Daytrader has a long history of insufficient maintenance and ad-hoc 
> changes to suit the demands of the moment, followed by no cleanup of all 
> the broken edges.    IMO having an aries version of daytrader, the 
> latest hot thing, will mean that the ee version will be completely 
> dead.  I don't think this is desirable.  However, I'm not likely to work 
> on any version of daytrader in the forseeable future.

I agree with the long history of insufficient maintenance and ad-hoc 
changes with no cleanup of all the  broken edges.  I discovered that 
first hand as I started looking into this.  In fact, a good part of my 
time has been in trying to remove or clean-up some of those broken edges.

In one respect starting afresh in Aries might help breath some new life 
into this sample and force us to remove some of the cruft.  In fact, 
I've discovered that using the Aries programming model forces this to a 
degree.  The challenge, as you mention, will be to percolate that back 
into the JavaEE version.  I think that will be a challenge no matter 
where the Aries version is located.


> thanks
> david jencks
> On Jan 12, 2010, at 11:17 AM, Joe Bohn wrote:
>> Good points Lin.  Perhaps we should consider another location under 
>> Aries trunk ... or we can check it in initially under trunk/samples 
>> and move it if it proves to be an issue.
>> Regarding the itest ... sure, we should give that some consideration. 
>> I'd personally have to understand the current itests better and the 
>> capabilities before I could assert that daytrader could be added in 
>> for additional testing.
>> Joe
>> Lin Sun wrote:
>>> Hi Joe,
>>> I think it makes sense to have the new daytrader in apache aries.
>>> Just wondering if you want to have it under trunk/samples or have a
>>> separate directory for daytrader so that you could release daytrader
>>> separately like daytrader in Geronimo.   Another advantage of doing
>>> this separately is that people can easily build the samples without
>>> building daytrader which i know sometimes we have trouble to build due
>>> to its complexity.
>>> Also wondering if it is possible to use the daytrader sample as part
>>> of our itest after moving it over to apache aries.
>>> Thanks
>>> Lin
>>> On Mon, Jan 11, 2010 at 2:57 PM, Joe Bohn <> wrote:
>>>> Greetings all,
>>>> I've been working on a version of the Geronimo Daytrader performance
>>>> benchmark to leverage the enterprise OSGi application programming 
>>>> model.
>>>> I've been doing this work in my sandbox under Apache Geronimo
>>>> ( with the most
>>>> recent changes under daytrader-bp-new).
>>>> I'd like to find a more permanent location for this work and get it 
>>>> out of
>>>> my sandbox.
>>>> Here is a brief description of what I have thus far in sandbox:
>>>> - A restructured Daytrader to support an enterprise OSGi application
>>>> programming model including blueprint, web container, jndi, jpa, etc...
>>>> - To further support this programming model I have also reorganized the
>>>> classes, packages, and bundles.
>>>> - Simplification and removal of content not yet available in the 
>>>> enterprise
>>>> OSGi application programming model such as EJB support and removal of
>>>> Geronimo specific artifacts such as the plugins.
>>>> - Refactoring the way components gain knowledge of each other and 
>>>> interact
>>>> to support blueprint concepts such as reference list and reference
>>>> listeners.
>>>> - Support for just two different persistence mechanisms - direct 
>>>> JDBC and
>>>> direct JPA which are currently included in the enterprise OSGi 
>>>> application
>>>> programming model.
>>>> - packaging using the Aries Application concepts.
>>>> After seeing the recently introduced Apache Aries Blog Sample and its
>>>> assembly for Equinox it encouraged me to do something similar for 
>>>> Daytrader
>>>> so that I could get this running with Apache Aries.  I now have a 
>>>> further
>>>> subset of my sandbox work that could be added as a peer to the 
>>>> blog-sample
>>>> which includes just the JDBC persistence mechanism, is hard-wired to 
>>>> Derby,
>>>> and includes an Equinox assembly to run it. This is not currently in 
>>>> any svn
>>>> because I did it on my local repository under aries/trunk/samples 
>>>> with hopes
>>>> of checking it in there.
>>>> I think it is time to get this code to a better home and I'm currently
>>>> thinking that aries/trunk/samples is a good place to start.  For now 
>>>> I would
>>>> check in just the version with JDBC and the equinox assembly. 
>>>> However, I
>>>> would extend this with other capabilities already in my sandbox for JPA
>>>> persistence, the Aries Application packaging, etc... as these become
>>>> available in Aries.
>>>> I'm interested if others agree with this approach, if it seems like a
>>>> worthwhile endeavor, and if it is acceptable to include this code under
>>>> aries/trunk/samples.
>>>> Here are the current discussion points and concerns as I see them:
>>>> 1) Duplication of code between Geronimo and Aries if I check it into 
>>>> Aries.
>>>> However, the code is already split from the JavaEE Daytrader version 
>>>> and I
>>>> doubt it would be possible to fully merge the code base and keep 
>>>> both the
>>>> JavaEE and Aries versions working from a common code base without 
>>>> cluttering
>>>> up the code with environment checks.   So, even if we keep it all in
>>>> Geronimo I think we will still end up with multiple code streams.
>>>> 2) The Equinox assembly version for DayTrader currently doesn't exploit
>>>> anything directly in Apache Geronimo.  It depends upon the pax web 
>>>> container
>>>> among other things.  It is certainly my intention that this should 
>>>> run on
>>>> Geronimo when Geronimo supports osgi rfc 66 among other things.  
>>>> However it
>>>> seems strange to include this in Geronimo at this point in time.
>>>> 3) Daytrader has always supported running in multiple web 
>>>> containers.  I
>>>> think moving this enterprise OSGi application version of Daytrader 
>>>> to Aries
>>>> further supports this goal and ensures that it won't become too tightly
>>>> coupled to Geronimo.
>>>> My apologies for the length of this description.  Please let me know 
>>>> your
>>>> thoughts - especially if you have any concerns with checking this 
>>>> version of
>>>> Daytrader in under
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Joe
>> -- 
>> Joe


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