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From Alasdair Nottingham <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSSION] Aries release
Date Wed, 27 Jan 2010 11:45:29 GMT
I would not like to do a 1.0 release of components that implement an
OSGi spec, but have not passed compliance. Since a lot of the
specifications are not yet final we should not be releasing 1.0
implementations of those specification.

This doesn't apply to blueprint since the spec is final, but for the
other components I think we should stick with 0.1 for now. I do not
have a strong opinion on using separate versioning for the components
right now, but I do think it might make sense for our first release to
be consistent across components.


2010/1/27 Alan D. Cabrera <>:
> On Jan 26, 2010, at 9:34 AM, Jeremy Hughes wrote:
>> There's been a lot of activity lately so I'd like to propose we do a
>> release so we can get some wider user feedback. I think we should give
>> it a version of 0.1 and stick to versions <1 while we're in the
>> Incubator.
> I'm in favor of a release but prefer to call it 1.0.  Why does it matter
> that we're in the incubator?  Just curious.
>> Then there is the question of whether to independently version the
>> high level modules or keep them lock-step. For now I think we should
>> keep them lock-step until we feel a need to change that.
> I think that there's a strong chance that we will have patch releases that
> would affect only one module.  I think it would be odd and confusing if the
> versions for the other modules were incremented as well, especially since
> not all the modules will always be consumed together.
> Regards,
> Alan

Alasdair Nottingham

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