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From David Jencks <>
Subject Yet another proxy/weaving problem
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2011 06:53:20 GMT
another day another problem....

org.apache.webbeans.exception.WebBeansConfigurationException: Decorator : Name:null, WebBeans
Type:DECORATOR, API Types:[org.jboss.jsr299.tck.tests.context.dependent.InteriorDecorator,org.apache.aries.proxy.weaving.WovenProxy,org.jboss.jsr299.tck.tests.context.dependent.Interior,java.lang.Object],
Qualifiers:[javax.enterprise.inject.Any,javax.enterprise.inject.Default] delegate attribute
must implement all of the decorator decorated types, but decorator type interface org.apache.aries.proxy.weaving.WovenProxy
is not assignable from delegate type of interface org.jboss.jsr299.tck.tests.context.dependent.Interior

I believe the story here is that decorator classes must not implement interfaces that the
delegate doesn't implement, but aries is adding the org.apache.aries.proxy.weaving.WovenProxy
to the decorator class.

OWB is already excluding Serializable and I can modify the code to also exclude org.apache.aries.proxy.weaving.WovenProxy
and the jcdi tests pass but this is going to involve making the list of ignored interfaces
configurable and may not be acceptable to OWB.

Is there any way to make the weaving/proxying code not add this interface?  I don't think
the jdk proxying code needs to add interfaces....

david jencks
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