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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject [VOTE] Release Aries JPA 2.0.0
Date Tue, 16 Jun 2015 13:16:02 GMT
I've staged a release for vote at:

This is the first release of Aries JPA on a sub project basis. So all 
modules have the same version. Still the package versions are managed 
separately using semantic versioning.

This version is a major redesign of the jpa modules.
Some of highlights:
1. Persistence Unit bundles can now be updated
2. DataSource and DataSourceFactory are now tracked as services. While 
we still use the jndi syntax we are now fully dynamic. An EMF is only 
created if the PersistenceProvider and DataSource are present
3. We now support a JPATemplate style that works nicely with Java 8 
closures and makes it easy to use JPA with Declarative Services. See 
4. We now pass the OSGi TCK for jpa. The source contains a tck test 
module that can be easily run by everyone with tck access
5. Support for @PersistenceContext and @PersistenceUnit annotations

For a detailed list of changes see:

Release Notes - Aries - Version jpa-2.0.0

** Bug
     * [ARIES-1023] - Construct a persistence unit with parameters
     * [ARIES-1079] - The jpa.xsd incorrectly specifies bp:map for 
context, or namespace handler looking for wrong namespace
     * [ARIES-1162] - Persistence Units neet to be destroyed when bundle 
becomes unresolved
     * [ARIES-1270] - ClasscastException or incompatible type when 
persistence unit bundle is refreshed
     * [ARIES-1271] - EntityManager throws InvocationtargetException 
instead of original cause
     * [ARIES-1273] - Persistence unit with hibernate does not start if 
datasource is not present
     * [ARIES-1325] - Redesign of jpa component
     * [ARIES-1337] - Avoid exception when closing an already closed EMF

** Improvement
     * [ARIES-1294] - Refactor blueprint NSHandler
     * [ARIES-1332] - Update to parent 2.0.1
     * [ARIES-1335] - Avoid using aries util in eclipselink adapter

Please review and vote:
   [ ] +1 Release Aries JPA 2.0.0
   [ ] -1 Do not

Here is my +1


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