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From Kamesh Sampath <>
Subject Re: Planning to do an Aries Subsystems release soon
Date Tue, 16 Jun 2015 03:36:08 GMT
Hi David,

My 2c on "org.apache.aries.subsystem": lets have it and sem versioned inline with API as it
allows the user to deploy one single bundle with API and Provider.

On version number I agree with your option (b) as that makes more sense. 


On 16/06/15 1:48 am, "David Bosschaert" <> wrote:

>Hi all,
>As the OSGi R6 Subsystems implementation is now merged into trunk I
>was thinking of doing a subsystems release soon, possibly later this
>Previously we released the following artifacts:
>  subsystem-api
>  subsystem-core
>  subsystem-obr
>  subsystem-bundle
>I don't think it makes sense to release subsystem-obr as OBR now
>implements the Repository spec so this proprietary integration is not
>needed any more. I would actually propose to remove this bundle.
>On the subsystem-bundle (artifact ID org.apache.aries.subsystem). Does
>anybody actually use this? It seems like this is the same as
>subsystem-core and subsystem-api merged. I don't think there is a need
>for this bundle, so I would propose to remove it too.
>Final topic is the version number. Exported packages use semantic
>versioning, no question about that but how will we version the
>released bundles?
>a) subsystem-api 1.2.0 and subsystem-core 1.3.0?
>b) subsystem-api 2.0.0 and subsystem-core 2.0.0?
>I guess b) is more in line with the recent discussion about bulk
>releasing components?

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