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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject [VOTE] Transaction manager 1.3.0, transaction blueprint 1.1.0, jpa 2.1.0
Date Thu, 06 Aug 2015 07:49:48 GMT
I've staged a release for vote at:

In transaction manager there is just a bug fix. I removed the jta API 
from the bundle. So it has to be installed separately now. The advantage 
is that we do not have  refreshs of bundles depending on jta anymore.

For transaction blueprint and jpa the biggest change is that we now use 
the Coordinator service to manage the lifecycle of the EnityManager. So 
there is no need anymore for the preCall and postCall methods of 
EmSupplier which did this job before. I deprecated the methods and they 
only have empty methods as impl now (This is an incompatibility for 
people who used these methods directly).
The big advantage is that non blueprint code can now define the 
lifecycle using a standard API that does not depend on Aries.

For transaction blueprint we now also support the JTA 1.2 @Transactional 
annotation. Together with @PersistenceContext this now allows a purely 
standard annotation based configuration of jpa beans. So the user code 
does not need to depend on Aries.

Additionally @Transaction(TxType.SUPPORTS) now starts a coordination 
even if there is no transaction. So this can be used to extend the 
lifecycle of the EntityManager to any code even outside the persistence 
layer without managing a coordination by hand.

*Release Notes - Aries - Version transaction-manager-1.3.0*

** Bug
     * [ARIES-1364] - transaction.manager causes cascading refreshs in 
karaf 4

*Release Notes - Aries - Version transaction-blueprint-1.1.0*
** Bug
     * [ARIES-1361] - EntityManager does not participate in transaction 
if transactional interceptor is called after jpa interceptor

** Dependency upgrade
     * [ARIES-1296] - Upgrade to transaction api 1.2

** Improvement
     * [ARIES-1347] - Working example of @Transaction annotation

** New Feature
     * [ARIES-628] - Support JTA attributes by annotations
     * [ARIES-1362] - Support coordinations triggered by transaction markers

*Release Notes - Aries - Version jpa-2.1.0*

** Bug
     * [ARIES-736] - Aries does not take into account the concept of 
complete/incomplete Persistence Units
     * [ARIES-1349] - EmfProxy.close should close tracker instead of EMF
     * [ARIES-1351] - TCK tests not working

** Improvement
     * [ARIES-1343] - Also scan parent classes for jpa annotations
     * [ARIES-1344] - Support multiple EntityManager injections per class
     * [ARIES-1345] - Support jpa annotations on method and class
     * [ARIES-1346] - EntityManager should be reused for series of 
coordinated calls

Please review and vote:
   [ ] +1 Release the above artifacts
   [ ] -1 Do not

Here is my +1


Christian Schneider

Open Source Architect

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