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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Re: Fw: Versioning Policy
Date Tue, 18 Aug 2015 13:08:48 GMT
I think for the most part the version policy is still correct.

In my opinion the focus should be on versioning the packages correctly 
and according to OSGi semantic versioning rules.
We currently use the aries version plugin to check for this. As the 
maven bundle plugin now also offers the semantic versioning checks I 
will experiment with switching to it and report how well it works.

For the bundle version I think the version policy described makes sense 
in general but I would not mind if the version jump is bigger than the 
jump described in the policy.
Sometimes no exported package changes but you still have new 
functionality. So a increasing the minor version instead of the bugfix 
version makes sense. After all the bundle version does not mean much in 
OSGi technically.

Not sure about the subsystems version bump as I did not follow the 
changes. I looked up the svn change of the version and it was done by 
Jean-Baptiste Onofré. Unfortunately he is on vacation at the moment.

Btw. The policy document even is valid to a large degree for the 
releases by subproject that I started with the jpa subproject. The only 
difference is that all bundles in the subproject have the same bundle 
version. I typically derive the next bundle version from the largest 
change in the exported packages of all bundles in  the subproject. So 
basically it is the same rule as in the policy document just on a 
different level.


On 18.08.2015 14:29, John W Ross wrote:
> No discussion on this? I personally prefer the policy outlined in
>, but my main concern,
> whatever the policy, is consistency and understanding how the upcoming
> subsystems release should be versioned. What is the current Apache Aries
> versioning policy and where is it defined? Barring any responses, I will
> assume it is still described in the link above.
>> To:
>> Date: 08/13/2015 07:34 AM
>> Subject: Versioning Policy
>> What is the versioning policy currently being used? Is it still based on
>> and the Aries
> versioning
>> plugin? If so, it's not clear to me how subsystems got a major version
>> bump.

Christian Schneider

Open Source Architect

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