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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Use release per subproject for blueprint
Date Mon, 09 Jan 2017 08:26:49 GMT
I guess there is some truth in this :-)

I checked the blueprint project. We currently have 18 bundles in the 
blueprint subproject (not counting tests and samples).
I agree with David that this sounds like too much.

As we do not seem to find an agreement for the per subproject release we 
remain with the status quo.


On 05.01.2017 01:34, David Jencks wrote:
> Maybe there are too many bundles?  DS only needs one bundle.
> david jencks
>> On Jan 4, 2017, at 2:44 PM, Christian Schneider <> wrote:
>> On 04.01.2017 18:52, Holly Cummins wrote:
>>>> I also think if the root problem is test framework doesn't properly handle
>>>> using the most recent code from peer projects then that is the thing that
>>>> is broken...
>>> Addressing this problem is what the 'build with most recent versions' build did
- it would ratchet the versions of all internal dependencies up to the latest level and then
run the tests. So across the two builds there were two test runs, one to make sure everything
still worked with the minimum declared level, and one with the latest level.
>>> However, that build has been broken for a while, I think.
>> I know. One problem with this approach is that it took me quite a while to understand
the approach at all. Theoretically I think it was a good idea but in practice I think it did
not really work well. At least when I started with Aries the build with the latest versions
never worked and I did not understand it well enough to fix it. I also doubt it works when
we have maintenance branches like for Aries JPA 1.x.
>> What I try to achieve is to make the build simpler. So people with less experience
and or less involvement in Aries can still understand it.
>> You can call it lazy, Felix ... and it is true to a degree but it is also an effort
to decrease the complexity in development. The more complex development is the more errors
we make and the less new people we attract. I think in an open source project it is necessary
to keep things approachable.
>> As a user I was always glad that karaf had features for blueprint and other Aries
bundles as so I had at least one tested combination. For people who used plain Aries it must
have been a horror to keep up with all the little releases and combine the bundles into a
working whole. With the release by subproject it is much easier to explain to someone which
versions to use. It is also easier to document the releases on the lists or in blogs. It is
a huge difference for users if they need to follow 10 subprojects or 100 individual bundle
>> Christian
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>> Christian Schneider
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Christian Schneider

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