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From Timothy Ward <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Blueprint bundles
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2018 09:53:22 GMT

On 6 Feb 2018, at 18:54, Guillaume Nodet <<>>

2018-02-06 19:30 GMT+01:00 Timothy Ward <<>>:

I have run the normal verification checks and found a few problems:

These source files have no licence headers (triggering a RAT failure):


I've just fixed that one, thx for the catch.

 *   All the XSDs in

Those are schemas from Spring Source so I was reluctant to add a header to
it.  I can add an ASL2 license header, with a copyright to SpringSource
maybe ?

So these aren’t actually an original contribution? What is the correct licensing for these
files? To my knowledge we can’t just put an ASL2 header on the XSDs if they aren’t already
ASL2, and we definitely need something in a NOTICES file if we’re including somebody else’s
IP. This should definitely include where we got the XSDs from and the name of the license
we’re consuming them under.

Did these not show up in the pre-release checks?

Not really.   I think we should add the rat plugin to the build to avoid
such problems in the future. I've create ARIES-1773
<> for that.

I’m not an expert with the rat plugin - can we make sure that this fails the build appropriately,
and that there are ways to add exclusions?



On 6 Feb 2018, at 06:18, Francois Papon <<><>> wrote:

+1 (non-binding)

Thanks Guillaume for the release.


Le 05/02/2018 à 19:46, Guillaume Nodet a écrit :
I've staged the following releases:
 Blueprint Parser 1.5.0
 Blueprint Core 1.9.0
 Blueprint CM 1.2.0
 Blueprint Spring 0.6.0
 Blueprint Spring Extender 0.4.0

The staging repo is available at:

Please review and vote !

Here's the full log:

9daed4f7a Remove unneeded file

4d3c8d659 [ARIES-1770] Spring schemas can not be validated offline

c76afdc1e [ARIES-1106] Injection to support fluent setter methods

ae4bde3d5 [ARIES-1129] Implement a null proxy element

c9ca94f34 Fix indentation / formatting

f8c5297e4 [ARIES-1138] Fix broken unit test

8088d3832 [ARIES-1098] BeanRecipe.findMatchingMethods does not support

ba817a73b [ARIES-1116] Blueprint loses bounds for <? super Type>

29fd4c8c4 [ARIES-1138] Disable Blueprint Schema Validation via System

77128d7de Add constants to the BlueprintConstants interface

610c3b965 [ARIES-1282] BeanRecipe.findMatchingMethods is not able to filter
out overridden method signatures

b42d19d5c [ARIES-1248] Add test for threadpool creation with generics

06d3a60b9 [ARIES-1436] cm:managed-component destroy-method will only be
called when it has a single integer argument

1ddc6292f [ARIES-1544] Blueprint property resolution fails for setters with
derived type

01182e980 [ARIES-1607] Add a flag to enable raw conversion when using

e8c6217d5 [ARIES-960] Improve generics support to support type inference

d1b7347e2 Simplify ExtNamespaceHandler

dc3675240 [ARIES-1668] Support null values inside property-placeholders

597e787df [ARIES-1738] BeanProcessor are not removed when a namespace is

33811d686 [ARIES-1535][ARIES-1536] Implement new policies for reference
lifecycle and damping

f05631bf5 Fix various versions in poms

60803fca7 [ARIES-1717] Untie Aries Blueprint Spring (extender) to specific
Spring version

81693822a [ARIES-1768] BlueprintDomainCombiner should not be holding a
reference to BundleContext

1d1574030 Use generics for the ServiceTracker in BlueprintEventDispatcher

1f2ba7a65 EventAdmin events should be posted synchronously

Guillaume Nodet

Guillaume Nodet

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