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From Timothy Ward <>
Subject OSGi R7 releases
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2018 08:08:34 GMT
Hi all,

The OSGi R7 specifications and API jars are now official.  I know of at least four Aries components
that are due to be reference implementations for these specifications - Aries JPA, Aries Tx
Control, Aries RSA and Aries JAX-RS whiteboard.

There are only about six weeks now until released versions of these Reference Implementations
need to be available, thankfully they’re all passing the relevant CT suites already. There
are dependency chains between some of the reference implementations so I’m proposing to
start the release processes now rather than having to do things in a mad panic next month.

I’m happy to drive the Aries JPA and Aries Tx Control releases. I imagine that Christian
Schneider and Carlos Sierra will want to take on the releases for Aries RSA.

If anyone knows of any showstopper problems then now would be a good time to speak up!

Best Regards,

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