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I have some question regarding C code generation from WSDL/XSD.
First as i understand there are in fact two tools for this; one is Java based and depends on XSLT stylesheets for the actual source code generation, the other is written purely in C itself.

C tool also depends on  XSLT stylesheets for the code generation. It has same architecture as Java tool.

Is this a valid description of the curren state of affairs?
How do both tools compare regarding their support of WSDL/XSD constructs/functionalities?

Java Tool has more features than C tool. C tool is still in experimental state.

Are the following areas settlet with these tools:
  • Multiple port types in one WSDL?

If there are multiple port types in WSDL Java tool (org.apache.axis2.wsdl.WSDL2C) generate source code for only one port type. You can give port name as a argument to WSDL2C tool and in this case port type is selected from the port binding for given port.

  • xsd:all?

(WSDL2C Java tool)Not supported.

  • xsd:union?

(WSDL2C Java tool)Not supported.

  • anonymous complexTypes (nested at arbitrary depth)?

(WSDL2C Java tool)Support for anonymous complexTypes.

  • restrictions of simple/builtin types?
  • detection of presence/absence of optional xml attributes?

(WSDL2C Java tool)Not supported. 

  • xml attributes, whose types are userdefined?

(WSDL2C Java tool)Not supported. 



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