In addtion to a clone method, if we can change the property create function to
accept other arguments as well, it would be lot more convenient to use properties,

Instead of

AXIS2_EXTERN axis2_property_t * AXIS2_CALL
axis2_property_create(const axis2_env_t *env);


AXIS2_EXTERN axis2_property_t* AXIS2_CALL
axis2_property_create(const axis2_env_t *env,
                                 void *value,
                                 AXIS2_FREE_VOID_ARG free_func,
                                 axis2_scope_t *scope);


On 11/22/06, Dinesh Premalal <xydinesh@gmail.com> wrote:

Damitha Kumarage < damitha23@gmail.com> writes:

> Hi,
> We copy properties from one ctx to another ctx often(in sandesha2 also)
> This lead to problems in Sandesha2.
> To avoid this would like to add a clone function ot axis2_property
> like we have done in
> aixs2_qname.
If we can maintain a reference counter, we could be able to get rid of
double freeing etc. Every time you referencing to that property
reference counter increases. Reference counter decrements when
freeing. Actual Freeing occurred when reference counter reaches to 0.
I think this method will be less expensive than cloning.

comments please ...

BTW , I'm +1 to some kind of mechanism to handle this scenario.


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